Y-Tech Services, Inc. is seeking a Flight Engineer / CH-47.  The Flight Engineer applies knowledge and skilled concerned with all primary aircraft systems critical to the performance of the aircraft.The essential functions of the Flight Engineer are as follows:Inspect the aircraft prior to take
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Flight Engineer / CH-47

Y-Tech Services, Inc. • 
Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Y-Tech Services, Inc. is seeking a Flight Engineer / CH-47.  The Flight Engineer applies knowledge and skilled concerned with all primary aircraft systems critical to the performance of the aircraft.
The essential functions of the Flight Engineer are as follows:
Inspect the aircraft prior to takeoff for defects such as fuel or oil leaks and malfunctions in electrical, avionics, onboard computers, hydraulic or pressurization systems according to preflight checklistInspect aircraft interior and exterior to include engines, fuselage and control surfaces for mechanical and structural soundness and proper operation to determine airworthinessLoad flight data into necessary recording and documentation systemsVerify passenger and cargo distribution and amount of fuel to ensure that weight and balance specifications are met, review aircraft maintenance documentation and ensure maintenance status complies with command operating restrictions and flight manualCoordinate with aircraft maintenance personnel to ensure availability of aircraft, determine takeoff, in-flight and landing data based on terrain, runway and weather conditions and aircraft weight / configurationAssist pilot with engine starting and ground operations, advises on engine performance and computes critical speeds and time / distance checks including the ability to extract course data and calculate estimated time of arrivalMonitor departure procedures, routing and altitude clearancesResponsible for assisting the pilot in the operation of primary aircraft systems such as: propulsion, airframe, electrical, hydraulic, environmental, aerial delivery, and air defense systemsMonitor engine and aircraft system performance, analyze instrument readings and identify abnormal indications or system malfunctions, adjusts aircraft engine controls in-flight to ensure proper aircraft performance and observers warning indicators and lights for fire, overheat, depressurization, radar and other systems as required by the flight manualOperate built-in test and troubleshooting systems, record fuel compensation, range, and in-flight performance data, and maintains records and forms covering fuel consumption and engine performance, flights, repairs, maintenance, inspections and serviceThe Flight Engineer directs aerial refueling operations. Directs receiver aircraft into contact position and advises receiver pilot of actions required to maintain a safe position. During contact, monitor instruments and for sudden and abnormal changes in aircraft position. Engineer can make decision to abort and direct emergency landing proceduresMake in-flight repairs such as replacing fuses, adjusting instruments, freeing jammed cable controls and taking emergency measures to compensate for failure of equipment such as auto-pilot, wing heathers and electrical and hydraulic systems, and record malfunction which were not corrected during flight and reports needed repairs to ground maintenance personnelThe Flight Engineer will be expected to perform Mechanic duties when not performing Flight Engineer dutiesThe Flight Engineer  may be required to perform other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization
Job Requirements
High School Diploma / EquivalentCompleted a military aircraft repairer school or equivalent civilian school of any of the following aircraft CH-47D/F/GA minimum of 10 years’ experience in Army aviation maintenance  or 5years verifiable RDT&E experienceNot less than 500 hours of flight engineer time of 100 hFlours must be in the same aircraft category and shall be qualified in the mission, type, design and seriesReset or Depot experience is preferredFAA Airframe and Power Plant License is preferredMust hold a valid , current FAA or military Class III Medical CertificateMust pass contractor or military evaluation initially and annually thereafterMust have the ability to obtain and maintain a Government Security Clearance
Y-Tech offers an excellent compensation and benefits package.  We are an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.  All qualified applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disabilities, protected military or veteran status.  To apply for this position, or view all of our job openings, visit us online at www.yulista.com, click on career opportunities.
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