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Should I post my resume on the internet? back to top

Ans: We recommend posting your resume on reputable web sites. This is your personal information and it can be exploited or sold easily. Our recommendation is to utilize JSfirm's digital resume (confidential example) to advertise your capabilities. Our digital resume allows only companies using our website to view your resume, NOT THE PUBLIC! In addition, you still have the opportunity to choose complete confidentiality, allowing you to look for employment while currently being employed! JSfirm does not sell or exploit your information. We simply connect employee with employer keeping confidentiality in the greatest standard. We have developed a unique database allowing you to sell yourself without divulging personal information to the public. Best of all there is no fee for placing your resume on our site.

Advances in computer technology have made it possible for detailed information about people to be compiled and shared more easily and cheaply than ever. That's good for society as a whole and individual consumers. For example, it is easier for law enforcement to track down criminals, for banks to prevent fraud, and for consumers to learn about new products and services, allowing them to make better-informed purchasing decisions. At the same time, as personal information becomes more accessible, each of us - companies, associations, government agencies, and consumers - must take precautions to protect against the misuse of that information.

The Federal Trade Commission

I saw an ad on the Internet for jobs in corporate finance. I faxed my resume to the 800-number listed and got a call from a woman who said her company works with businesses to find employees to fill their positions. She said the service would cost me $495, but the fee was fully refundable if I was dissatisfied or found a job on my own. She guaranteed me interview opportunities and told me that if I found a job through her company, there was a good chance my new employer would reimburse me for the fee. I never got any interviews, let alone a refund, and now I can't even get the company to return my calls. - -paraphrased from a sample complaint letter to the FTC.

What type of website services are there? Where does JSfirm stand?
back to top

Ans: Our web site has been specifically developed to attract both employer and employee together without divulging confidential information as an option. Your information is held in confidence so you do not have to worry about your resume being on the Internet and in the publics hands. In addition, JSfirm has allowed a forum for Aviation Companies and Aviation Personnel to locate each other without intervention of placement services. Our systems is simple, cost effective, and IT WORKS!

There are two types of aviation job boards.

1 - One that charges companies to post jobs
2 - One that charges job seekers to post their resume.

JSfirm.com is free to job seekers.

Be cautious of web sites that charge you to post your resume. These websites often scrape job advertisements from other sites and sometimes scrape various aviation company websites. Often the job information is old, outdated, and not accurate. Companies pay a fee to list their job advertisements and search resumes on jsfirm.com. This ensures the job is accurate and the company viewing your resume is real.

There are many types of placement service agencies out there. It is important that you educate yourself when selecting an employment service from a company. Companies all too often misrepresent themselves to employees regarding who pays the associated cost with finding a job opportunity, as well as, keeping your information confidential. This is important! JSfirm provides candidates the ability to market his/her services directly to companies on our website.

Who pays? back to top
Post your resume for free. Call 724.547.6203 for resume assistance. JSfirm allows job seekers to fill out our online digital resume. It's free!

Post Jobs and Search Resumes - Call 724.547.6203 for pricing on posting both single or multiple jobs. This includes unlimited job postings, a company link, company logo, self maintenance feature, automatic profile emails of new employee listings, access to online employee resumes, and company exposure! Companies have the option to list a job on JSfirm or search our database of candidates. The cost is $149/month for each job posting. Please call for resume database access pricing. Not only are you getting exposure through your listing, you also receive access to employee resumes.

Target Email to Job Seekers - Call 724.547.6203 if your company is having a difficult time filling a specific position, JSfirm.com can help you develop a comprehensive marketing package to be sure you reach both passive and active job seekers.

Billing Questions - Call 817-560-0300. Companies have the option to list a job on JSfirm or search our database of candidates. The cost is $149/month for each job posting. Please call for resume database access pricing. Not only are you getting exposure through your listing, you also receive access to employee resumes.

What happens to information I submit to JSfirm.com? back to top

Depends. Your information is stored in our database and is searchable by companies using our service. This information is dictated and edited by you. Employee resumes are searchable by employers that are interested in their qualifications. JSfirm does not sell your information and it is not our intention to make any confidential information (contact information) searchable on-line by the general public. If you want to see an example of how your information is searchable:

Employee's digital resume
Confidential digital resume
Search for jobs
Search for Employees

How can I be informed of new aviation jobs?
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In your application there is a check box for automatic E-mails. E-mail's of new listings will be sent directly to the E-mail address, provided the box is checked. Once you receive your password, or during the listing proceedure you can modify your application at any given time to receive the type of jobs you want.
Why Choose JSfirm?back to top

JSfirm personnel all have direct experience in the aviation industry.

Our program allows candidates to manage their career confidentially online.

JSfirm has a vested interest in the betterment of the Aviation industry and believe it starts with personnel.

JSfirm represents individuals with complete confidentiality.

JSfirm has developed a unique search engine allowing only your description to be searched...... not your confidential information!

JSfirm performs a detailed prescreening of individuals prior to recommending them.

JSfirm represents the Best of the Best for both employers and employees

What Agreements will I need to sign? back to top
JSfirm requires no agreements for job seekers, only that they understand a standard privacy policy.

Companies may sign an agreement if purchasing a multiple user or multiple job posting package to use our site.

How do I change my information? Password?back to top

Once you fill out the member registration you now have the ability to modify that information at any time. Choose "member maintenance" to modify your existing information. Keep in mind, search result information is sorted by last updated. When you return to modify or simply review your information, it is considered an update. This means you'll be on top of the "Most Recent Employees" or "Most Recent Jobs"

To receive your password go here.

Contractor Information? back to top

Contractors are welcome to list their information on JSfirm. If you are a contractor or provide contracting services, you're welcome to list your services on our site. Currently this service is free. 100's of companies search for contractors on www.jsfirm.com. Use this to your advantage and list your contracting service! Click here to view an example of what your ad may look like.

What function does JSfirm provide? back to top

JSfirm is in the business of providing a free web site to job seekers and a place aviation companies can find aviation talent. We feel job seekers quite often get misrepresented by other web sites. Our web site has been specifically developed to attract both employer and employee together without divulging confidential information to the general public. Our goal is to provide a service to the aviation industry that will develop long term positive effects associated with the betterment of the aviation industry.

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724-547-6203 Questions about advertising jobs on our web site.
724-547-6203 Questions about posting your resume on JSfirm.
817-560-0300 Questions about company billing.


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