We are seeking a CBA IMRL Manager at our AIMD Program in Meridian, MS. The successful  candidate performs a variety of duties which include maintaining records of Government and  Company owned equipment, material, parts, and supplies for utilization and control. Ensures  tool calibration programs ar

CBA IMRL Manager - AIMD Program

Vertex Aerospace • 
Meridian, Mississippi, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
We are seeking a CBA IMRL Manager at our AIMD Program in Meridian, MS. The successful  candidate performs a variety of duties which include maintaining records of Government and  Company owned equipment, material, parts, and supplies for utilization and control. Ensures  tool calibration programs are complied with. Applies technical knowledge of Company and  Government supply, material, equipment, and tool control procedures, instructions, and  regulations to ensure tool rooms and work center's operational needs are met. Reads, interprets,  and complies with detailed administration procedures, instructions, regulations, and applicable  publications. Monitors Aircraft Maintenance Material Readiness List Program and other  applicable manuals and publications.
Principal Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
  • Report by TR to the SECA all transactions, such as the receipt of new items, transfer of items on  hand, balances, surveys, or changes in on-hand quantities.
  • Reports to the Production Supervisor/Manager all physical inventory (quarterly/annually) results  and submits the inventory report to the SECA via the chain of command.
  • Ensure IMRL revision requests are submitted for all required changes, additions, or deletions. Submit letters through the chain of command requesting disposition instructions for excess SE. Initiates acceptance/transfer inspections utilizing the S.E. Acceptance/Transfer Checklist. Tailor IMRL allowances, up or down, when conditions change or tailoring is otherwise  warranted.
  • Report Excess IMRL Assets to SECA/TYCOM.
  • Ensure transactions are reported at the time they occur and are complete and accurate. Prepares necessary documents for loss, damage, destruction, or damage to  Government/Company property (DD Form-200).
  • Prepares necessary documents for authorization from the Government/Company to replace,  dispose of, ship, and obtain additional Government/Company property.
  • Ensures timely submittal of reports and inventories to the Government/Company. Ensures all IMRL assets and special equipment are maintained in good working condition and all  IMRL assets requiring calibration are inducted into the proper calibration facility. Reviews allowance supplements continually and take appropriate action.
  • Comply with DOT Hazardous Material Transportation Procedures.
  • Conducts research utilizing proper publications to determine equipment applicability relating to  the appropriate activity or work center.
  • Maintains an accurate accounting and reporting system for IMRL property. Ensures Activity Asset Report reflects actual Support Equipment as reported in the IMRL  through timely submission of transaction reports.
  • Originates Support Equipment Transaction Forms as required.
  • Process monthly LAMS supplemental files.
  • Provides technical assistance, guidance, and instruction as required.
  • May be required to perform scheduled inventories.
  • May be required to perform off-site service.
  • May be required to perform duties of HAZMAT/HazWaste Custodian or Assistant Custodian  when authorized and designated.
  • Know the location of the safety data sheet (SDS) and applicable safety precautions.
  • May be required to perform scheduled/unscheduled inventories.
  • Maintains the highest ethical personal and professional standards.
  • Other projects and initiatives as assigned as well as other reasonably related duties when  directed.
Job Requirements:
  • Must have completed Support Equipment (SE) Asset Manager course (Course C-555-0026)  (latest).
  • Must have three (3) years’ experience and/or proof of on-the-job training as an IMRL Manager. Must have a valid state operator’s license and be able to pass the government licensing  requirements for support equipment.
  • Obtain and maintain all applicable SE licenses.
  • Must adhere to Company policies/procedures and management instructions. Must be able to obtain and maintain CAC Card.
  • Certifications/Licensing as required by the Program Training and Certification Manual. Certifications/Licensing as required by the COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2 series. Must be able to obtain and maintain a DoD security clearance within 6 months of hire. Must be able to work weekends, other shifts, and overtime as required.
  • The essential physical requirements of the position will be reviewed with the applicant during the  interview.
  • Some travel will be required.
  • Must adhere to Company policies/procedures and management instruction. Ability to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information and Company Proprietary data. As a government contractor, Vertex Aerospace requires all employees to be fully vaccinated as a  condition of employment in accordance with Executive Order 14042. Exceptions to this policy  are granted on a case-by-case basis for those that request a religious or medical accommodation. A vaccination status form and proof of vaccination, if applicable, are required.
Physical Requirements and Environmental Conditions:
  • This classification activity is usually accomplished in a warehouse environment and as such requires the scope of physical movements and postures normally associated with warehousing activities.
  • Typical physical demands or activities include climbing, standing, bending, stooping, pushing, kneeling, reaching, and walking.
  • May be required to lift objects whose weight normally will not exceed 50 pounds. The diversity of work conditions may range from an environment where there is little or no physical discomfort, to an environment where inclement weather may subject individuals to  changes in temperature and weather.
  • May be required to work in areas where high noise hazards prevail.
  • May be exposed to fumes or airborne particles.
  • May be exposed to electrical shock hazards.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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