STS Technical Services is Hiring Aircraft Composites Technicians in Marana, Arizona.Job Summary:Inspects aircraft parts/components and materials in accordance with proper procedures, methods, practices operations and safety. Reviews and audits technical records that support airworthiness of all airc
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Aircraft Composites Technicians: 48504

STS Technical Services • 
Marana, Arizona, United States
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
STS Technical Services is Hiring Aircraft Composites Technicians in Marana, Arizona.

Job Summary:

Inspects aircraft parts/components and materials in accordance with proper procedures, methods, practices operations and safety. Reviews and audits technical records that support airworthiness of all aircraft, aircraft parts/components and in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’S).

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Researches technical data and performs inspection of hangared aircraft in heavy maintenance checks, of flightline/storage induction or reactivation and back shop repair/overhaul maintenance activities in accordance with applicable aircraft/component maintenance manuals, FAA regulations and company policies and procedures.

  • Enforces Quality Control standards for material receiving, shipping, storage, handling, repairs and overhaul to see that quality, allowable tolerances and other specifications and standards set by the company and the applicable manufacturer are met.

  • Performs inspection of aircraft components during their assembly, installation and adjustment phases of incorporation onto an aircraft to ensure that the workmanship and materials conform to the aircraft manufacturers specifications and maintenance manual procedures.

  • Ensures that all Work-In-Progress is properly documented as to the worked performed and that corrective actions used, have the proper technical data references documented properly in the corrective action block and the work in progress steps.

  • Records all inspection data on the proper form, report and/or inspection tag and bring to the attention of the Lead Inspector any irregularities in the daily standard practices used that would cause injury to personnel or the aircraft unsafe or nonairworthy.

  • Performs maintenance work/repair of company equipment and general shop housecleaning.

  • Tests tightness of airframe connections with hand tools and utilizes flashlight and mirror to inspect fit of parts.

  • Examines assembly, installation, and adjustment of ailerons and rudders to ensure that workmanship and materials conform with Civil Air Regulations, company specifications, and manual procedures.

  • Determines accuracy of installation of components in power plant and hydraulic system using protractor, micrometer, calipers, and gauges to ensure that specified tolerances are met.

  • Signs inspection tag to approve unit, or records reasons for rejecting unit.

  • Logs inspections performed on aircraft.

  • Performs facility audits for safety and policy compliance.

  • Coordinates with customer representatives.

  • Performs duties of Lead Inspector in his/her absence.

  • Ensures that proper documentation is made on training record for training received, and signed by Lead, Supervisor, or Manager.

  • Performs maintenance duties away from base on temporary duty.

  • Performs maintenance work such as repair and maintenance of company equipment and shop housecleaning.

  • Ensure that all work performed is done in a safe manner.

  • Directs activities to protect employees from harm and maintain safe working conditions.

  • Duties not listed within the position description may be required of the employee at the discretion of the department management.

  • Job functions may vary due to irregular working conditions or multiple shift positions.


  • Ability to organize and plan work adhering to deadlines.

  • Attention to detail and mathematical skills.

  • Ability to read, write, and understand the English language and to follow verbal and written instruction.

  • Ability to interpret and apply technical data relating to the job and position.

  • Ability to safely drive and operate a standard shift automotive vehicle and other applicable equipment.

  • Ability to work with or without supervision.

  • Ability to solve practical problems and have good verbal communication skills.

  • High School diploma or equivalent required.

  • Post-secondary education or training in aircraft maintenance or equivalent combination of education, training or experience required.

  • Skills in the use of computer systems, maintenance manuals, documentation systems and the Federal Aviation Regulations are required.

  • Three years experience in aircraft inspection preferred.

  • A&P License and valid driver’s license required.

About STS Technical Services:

STS Technical Services is a Top 100 Staffing Firm that’s partnered with some of the largest names in the aerospace, manufacturing, defense and industrial industries.Our professional recruitment teams put talented individuals to work at client locations all over the world, and we have hundreds of exciting career opportunities for you to explore!If you want to speak to a Recruiting Professional directly, call 1-800-359-4787.STS Technical Services is an equal opportunity employer.
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Job Ident #: 48504
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