Duties and ResponsibilitiesResponsible for the overall operation of the Quality Control/Assurance department and has the final authority in the releasing to service of airframes, engines, propellers, appliances and the component parts thereof.Assist, supervise, and direct all personnel assigned to t

Aircraft Maintenance Chief Inspector

Heritage Aviation • 
South Burlington, Vermont, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the overall operation of the Quality Control/Assurance department and has the final authority in the releasing to service of airframes, engines, propellers, appliances and the component parts thereof.
  • Assist, supervise, and direct all personnel assigned to the Quality Control Department.
  • Assure that all inspections are properly performed and that the proper inspection records, reports, and forms used by the Repair Station are completed and executed prior to releasing the product for return to service.
  • Perform audits and keep a log for all contract maintenance vendors as per FAR 145.217.
  • Acts as a liaison to the FAA on the behalf of the repair station “accountable manager” concerning regulatory matters. He may request and accept new or amended Operational Specifications.
  • Responsible for implementing and oversight of the repair station training program.
  • Establishes that calibrated tooling used in the accomplishment of maintenance is in suitable condition and have been calibrated within the established time period.
  • Responsible for submitting SDR to the FAA as per FAR 145.221
  • Responsible for maintaining Hazardous Material Policy for Part 121, 135 operators as per FAR 145.206.
  • Assure the proper execution of a maintenance release.
  • Guide the final acceptance of all incoming material, including new parts, supplies, and the airworthiness of articles on which work has been performed outside the Repair Station.
  • Is a member of the Heritage Aviation Safety Committee.
  • Monitor company procedures and recommend changes to assure compliance with existing Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • Responsible for obtaining subscription and keeping Technical Data current used by the repair station.
  • Act as a backup personnel for the Scrap Parts and Shelf Life Procedures, to ensure compliance with RSM.
  • All other duties at the discretion of the Director of Maintenance/Accountable Manager.

  • Authorities
  • Request and sign for changes to Sections 'A' and ' D' of the 145 Operations Specifications.
  • The Chief Inspector may delegate all duties assigned to any qualified assistant as necessary; however, such delegation does not relieve the Chief Inspector of the overall responsibilities.
Job Requirements:
  • 10 total years of education and experience preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree in aviation sciences, quality systems or related field or equivalent combination of education and experience to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.
  • Six years technical experience within Part 145 repair station, of which at least three years are in an inspector capacity.
  • Familiar with guidance materials, Part 43, Part 91, Part 121 and part 135 as they apply to work accomplished under the Repair Station Certification.
  • Airframe and Power Plant license with an Inspector Authorization.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of procedures for completing FAA paperwork including FAR’s, FAA Orders, Advisory Circulars, Form 337, Form 8130-3, Form 8110, STC’s and other pertinent paperwork.
  • Knowledge of inspection and certification process, a general working knowledge of the various aircraft and familiarity with pertinent FAR’s and technical reference materials.
  • Thorough knowledge of quality policies, procedures and all related technical data.
  • Ability to work within the various software applications utilized throughout the corporation.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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