San Diego Miramar College invites all qualified candidates to apply for the position of Assistant Professor, Aviation Maintenance at San Diego Miramar College. The College is located in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego and is one of four colleges in the San Diego Community College District. Miramar C

Assistant Professor, Aviation Maintenance

San Diego Miramar College • 
San Diego, California, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
San Diego Miramar College invites all qualified candidates to apply for the position of Assistant Professor, Aviation Maintenance at San Diego Miramar College. The College is located in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego and is one of four colleges in the San Diego Community College District. Miramar College is a leader in Dual Enrollment and College and Career Access Pathways, along with Strong Workforce and Guided Pathways initiatives. Those who join our team at San Diego Miramar College can expect to be part of an inclusive, innovative, and equity-focused community that promotes broad collaboration among faculty, classified staff, administration, students, and community and industry partners. We are a fast‐growing and innovative college with a freshly adopted focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion as we move into a new era. We are proud of our commitment to providing culturally responsive events, ethnically diverse speakers, and various equity-focused professional development opportunities. Our college strives to ensure our students reach their full potential by eliminating gaps in academic outcomes that traditionally hinder students of color and disproportionately impacted students. In fact, the college's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is encapsulated by our newly adopted Strategic Goal #5, which is included below.

Miramar College is seeking an Assistant Professor for our Aviation Maintenance program. The ideal candidate is someone who is highly qualified and highly knowledgeable in the field of aviation and deeply committed to student success. Applicants should possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to support our diverse student population. Additionally, candidates should be able to demonstrate ways they will develop tools and resources to better serve underprivileged and disproportionately impacted students. The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of the racial, socioeconomic, academic, and cultural diversity within the community college student population, including students with different ability statuses (e.g., physical and/or learning) as these factors relate to the need for equity-minded practices within the classroom. Candidates who possess substantial technical experience in the aviation industry, are student-centric, and will continue to demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion to best serve our student population are strongly encouraged to apply.
The position of Assistant Professor, Aviation Maintenance at San Diego Miramar College reports to the Dean of Business, Technical Careers, and Workforce Initiatives. This position requires a broad base of aviation knowledge and experience. Hours and days may vary Monday through Saturday, 40 hours per week. The selected candidate must be willing to adjust work days/hours based on the department's needs. Assignment may include some combination of day, evening, Saturday, and/or distance education classes. While the current vacancy is at Miramar College, applicants should understand they are subject to assignment at any District facility at the option of the Chancellor.
Major Responsibilities:
  • Teach lecture and laboratory courses in both airframe and power plant maintenance.
  • Must possess the ability to communicate effectively with students, instructors, managers, and representatives from industry, including the Federal Aviation Administration/FAA.
  • Must have the ability to assist with the development of relevant curriculum, which includes collaboration with other college faculty.
  • Must fulfill the responsibilities of a community college instructor in accordance with the District adopted job description and Faculty Appraisal Form outlined in the faculty collective bargaining agreement.
Job Requirements:

Degrees must be from regionally accredited institutions.

1. Any Bachelor’s degree AND two (2) years of experience; OR,
2. Any Associate degree AND six (6) years of experience; OR,
3. Possession of a California Community College Instructor Credential (valid for life) in Aircraft; OR,
4. The equivalent;
5. Possession of a valid FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate.

Desired Qualifications:

The District encourages you to apply for this position if you possess a combination of education, training and/or experience which clearly demonstrates the highest level of professional competence. The most desirable candidate will possess:
  • Demonstrated experience and/or knowledge in working with faculty, staff, and students of great diversity in socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, including those with different levels of academic preparation and varying physical and learning abilities.
  • Demonstrated cultural competency, sensitivity to, and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students and staff.
  • Demonstrated participation in participatory governance.
  • Demonstrated experience creating and maintaining professional, community, and industry partnerships, including industry advisory boards.
  • Ability to develop industry contacts, including assessment and placement of students in related jobs.
  • Demonstrated experience promoting and communicating Career Education programs to the college, district, K-12 partners, and to external community organizations.
  • Demonstrated experience creating a conducive learning environment, managing class time, and providing feedback in the classroom.
  • Professional aircraft maintenance work experience in airframes and/or commercial/transport aircraft, power plants and/or commercial/transport aircraft.
  • Detailed knowledge of all Federal Aviation Regulation 147 (FAR 147) curriculum items.
  • Demonstrated subject matter mastery and relevant teaching experience.

Possession of a valid FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Certificate.
Miramar College Strategic Goal #5
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) - Build an environment that embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and social justice for the benefit of the college community.
Strategic Direction 1- Systematically update college processes, programs, and practices within a comprehensive equity framework for equity-minded practices in the workplace, the classroom, and support programs/services.
Strategic Direction 2- Establish comprehensive professional development for the campus community to increase capacity around and engage in equity, diversity, inclusion, social justice, and anti-racism.
Strategic Direction 3-Systematically review, develop and incorporate equity-minded practices in: 1) culturally responsive instructional pedagogy, 2) student-centered services, and 3) recruitment, screening, and retention of employees.
Pay Information:

Class 1, Step A – Class 6, Step C ($5,883.75 – $7,928.01) per month based on the current AFT – College Faculty Tenured- Tenure Track Monthly Salary Schedule

Initial salary placement for this Assistant Professor is commensurate with required education and related teaching experience as outlined in section A2.2 of the AFT Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement and it is non-negotiable. The District offers a comprehensive fringe benefit package including employer paid medical, dental, vision plans, sick leave, and opportunities for professional development. This position is FLSA Exempt and may not accrue overtime. Benefits will be provided under the terms of the AFT-Guild, Local 1931 – Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement. Annual Salaries will be recalculated for service less than a full academic year based on Education Code §87815, any required adjustment will be made with-in the first pay period. Travel reimbursement for interviewees traveling more than 200 miles, one-way, may be paid according to geographic location (see SDCCD Travel Stipend Policy, Rev 7/14/2011). Typically, Assistant Professors earn tenure after 4 years and promote to Associate Professor. The SDCCD Employment Web Page provides a link to employee collective bargaining agreements and handbooks, and more information about terms and conditions of employment to include salary and benefits.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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