The Aircraft Inspection Authorization or Quality Inspectors have a great deal of responsibility and are expected to undertake things such as: - Performing 25hr, 50hr, 100hr and Annual Inspections- Performing logbook research and review- Compiling an AD compliance list- Verifying compliance with AD's
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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
The Aircraft Inspection Authorization or Quality Inspectors have a great deal of responsibility and are expected to undertake things such as:
- Performing 25hr, 50hr, 100hr and Annual Inspections
- Performing logbook research and review
- Compiling an AD compliance list
- Verifying compliance with AD's
- Reviewing documents related to the legal and safe operation of an aircraft
- Completing and filing documents with the FAA
- Creating discrepancy lists
- Overseeing maintenance and repairs performed by junior A&P's
- Updating aircraft tracking software
- Answering and sending e-mails
- Interacting with customers, aircraft owners and pilots
- Performing maintenance
- Performing major repairs and/or alterations
- Using Microsoft computer applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook
- Providing training for other employees
- Uses online software for consulting maintenance publications
In addition to these duties it is expected that the A&P IA:
- Is on time for work
- Wears the provided uniform
- Conducts his/herself in a professional manner at all times
- Has a high attention to detail
- Provides accurate labor estimates
- Provides leadership in the primary maintenance area
- Attends all staff meetings
Work Environment: Large hanger space with at least 50 Mechanics. 12-15 employee's per aircraft.
Casual work environment.
Will have own basic tool set
M-F 8-5pm and OT as needed
Per Diem will be offered Qualifications:  We provide maintenance, repairs, detailing, interiors, inspections, cosmetic repairs and management services on numerous aircraft specifically ERJ and CRJ aircraft. Highly preferred to have any type of Regional Jet experience. 
Job Requirements:
Performance measures: Quality and efficient delivery to the customer is how they will be measured. Work orders are received and Inspectors are expected to complete within the time-frame given.
30 days reviews will be completed by AM and Client to provide feedback on quality and efficiency.
Test the job description: Flexible to any type of regional aircraft experience but needs to be recent. No specific regional jet aircraft exp needed but would like to see ERJ and CRJ due to current customers.
First Day: Inspectors with the ability to perform maintenance, repairs and inspections on aircraft.
Best vs. Average: Best candidate will have at least 3 years of regional aircraft experience with experience on ERJ or CRJ aircraft, strong work ethic and take direction well.
Salary Range: 28.00-30.00
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