Description:MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN (Code 6493)OCCUPATIONAL SUMMARY:This occupation requires repair, installation and maintenance of plant electrical systems and equipment.MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIAN “A”WORK PERFORMED:Determines routing, location and method of installing wiring systems, conduits, electr

Maintenance Electrician A - Palmdale, CA

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Palmdale, California, United States
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:


This occupation requires repair, installation and maintenance of plant electrical systems and equipment.



Determines routing, location and method of installing wiring systems, conduits, electrical equipment, fixtures, and accessories, following trade practice, blueprints, wiring diagrams and applicable state, municipal, and underwriters’ specifications, codes and ordinances; determines need for repair or replacement, best and safest method of restoring interrupted service. Computes wire gauge, power and load limit requirements when required.

Performs such construction and maintenance operations as installing and maintaining large motors, transformer banks, welding generators, panels, electrical control systems and switchboards. Does repair and installation on energized electrical circuits. Maintains electrical systems and accessories, on plant machines and equipment; or
Determines by inspection the electrical repair, replacement and maintenance operations necessary to maintain in efficient operating condition all types of overhead crane and hoist equipment. Maintains electrical accessories, control devices, wiring, and other components of the system. Makes emergency repairs as required, or

Disassembles, repairs, and reassembles motors, generators, exciters, and converters. Diagnoses trouble and determines method of repair and replacement units required. Replaces parts and units as is necessary, reassembles equipment and tests for conformance to specifications.

Performs mechanical operations necessary to the dismantling, disassembly, repair and installation of electrical units.


Materials worked on: Electric motors, generators, transformers, switchboard, magnetic starters, relays, control systems and other electrical equipment.

Materials worked with: Wire, tape, solder, conduit, insulators, fuses, breakers, switches, relays, screws, bolts, lubricants, insulating varnished, lighting fixtures, and other electrical repair and replacement parts and supplies.

Tools used: electricians’ hand tools, soldering irons, wire strippers, wire pullers, hickeys; wire gauges, measuring instruments such as ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, ohmmeters, meg ohmmeters.

Equipment used: Power tools such as drill presses, hack saws, pipe benders and threaders; block and tackle, power winches, scaffolding, ladders, safety belts, aerial platforms, mobile scaffolding.


To use electricians’ hand tools and electrical testing and measuring instruments. To use electrical shop power tools, equipment and accessories. To use electrical handbooks and charts.

To apply a complete knowledge of electrical maintenance and shop theory, practice, procedure, codes and ordinances. To read and interpret complex wiring and circuit diagrams, installation and construction blueprints. To use mathematics involving algebra.

Works at various heights.

Must possess and maintain licenses and certifications when required.
Job Requirements:
Basic Qualifications:
Experience with trouble shooting, maintaining, servicing and/or repair of electrical system and infrastructure.
Desired Skills:
State Electrical Journeyman License.

Able to work off elevated platforms.

Extensive machine tool and electrical control knowledge.

Comprehensive knowledge of electrical repair and troubleshooting.
Salary Range: -
Job Ident #: 537789BR
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