We are committed to providing a stable, growth-oriented and inspiring work environment that offers opportunities for professional, personal and financial growth. If you are interested in joining a growing team, where YOU are our most valuable asset, then MAC is the place for you.     Manager of Re

Manager of Reliability and Maintenance Programs

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Denver, North Carolina, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:

We are committed to providing a stable, growth-oriented and inspiring work environment that offers opportunities for professional, personal and financial growth. If you are interested in joining a growing team, where YOU are our most valuable asset, then MAC is the place for you.  

Manager of Reliability and Maintenance Programs

Serves the Company as the Manager of Reliability and Maintenance Programs by providing managerial control of the Company program and associated departments. Also provides technical support to maintenance and various departments including maintenance control, maintenance station mechanics, Inventory control and maintenance records.

Job Requirements:

•Implements changes to improve overall fleet reliability in a safe, expeditious and cost-effective manner
•Serves as Chairperson for the Product Review Board (PRB).
•Has overall responsibility for the Technical Services Department from a management and technical standpoint.
•Administers the technical portions of the Airworthiness Directives Management Program: AD receipt, analysis and specification of actions required to achieve AD compliance.
•Responsible for managing and providing oversight of the assigned fleet to ensure safety, reliability and quality.
•Monitors aircraft performance to provide continuous improvement and to develop solutions to systemic problems affecting reliability.
•Manages the development, implementation and changes to standards, specifications, programs, procedures and Technical Services documents, for the inspection, overhaul, modification, fabrication, maintenance, testing and repair of aircraft.
•Provides on-site technical support for Line and Heavy Maintenance Operations.
•Interfaces with aircraft manufacturers regarding development and approval of specific repairs. Reviews and incorporates industry and manufacturer information applicable to fleet performance.
•Coordinates with the Flight Operations to revise the MEL/CDL manual.
•Represents the Company regarding the fleet to the FAA, NTSB and other organizations regarding specific issues.
•Reviews manufacturers’ technical service documents for applicability and determines embodiment requirement in conjunction with safety and reliability data.
•Reviews and analyzes FAA Airworthiness Directives to determine applicability and accomplishment requirements.
•Generates Engineering documents to support associated modification, Repair and Maintenance Program requirements.
•Interfaces with Type Certificate holder and equipment suppliers to resolve technical disputes and obtain supplemental technical data.
•Interfaces with FAA personnel to pursue AD Alternate Means of Compliance.
•Promotes safety throughout the organization as mandated through Company policies identified by executive management.
•Maintain the Company’s approved maintenance programs including the AAIP. Responsible for submitting revisions and interfacing with the aircraft owner and FAA.
•Ensures safety, reliability, and economy by anticipating equipment problems, developing capable employees, and effective tools, and by judicious use of personnel, equipment, and supplies.
•Monitors maintenance performance against Company policies, procedures, and standards, and provides recommendations to improve safety of operations and productivity.
•Provides recommendations to CASS Review Board (CRB) regarding reliability and technical projects.
•Ensures that managers under his direction complete performance evaluations of personnel under their jurisdiction.
•Establishes efficient and economical policies and procedures for the accomplishment of all maintenance.
•Responsible to review and approve contracts related to maintenance assets and outsourced vendors.
•Liaison with outside customers to ensure contractual requirements pertaining to each agreement are executed.
•Performs other duties as assigned by the Vice President/Director of Maintenance.
•Assist in troubleshooting/repair of aircraft systems.
•Oversee component repair regarding items that are returned no fault found or tested without a firm conclusion of fix.
•Coordinate with and assist the CASS department and parts department regarding components that are designated “Watch List” or “Rouge Parts”.
•Create company documents to assist in the repair and inspection of company aircraft and components.

•Must hold a current A & P license and be qualified through training, experience, and expertise, and to the extent of his responsibilities have full understanding.

•BS in Aeronautical/Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering from an accredited college/University is preferred.
•Five years of Management experience along with project management experience in a similar field.
•Knowledge of MSG-3 process and Maintenance Program Development.
•Proven knowledge of aircraft systems and components including Electrical and Avionic systems.
•Must have 10 years’ experience in 121 and 135 operations
•Experience with ATR 42/72 and C208 Aircraft preferred

•Ability to effectively communicate both written and verbal, with company personnel, vendors and line technicians in order to accurately determine necessary course of action.

•Knowledge of appropriate safety requirements in order to coordinate aircraft repairs that contribute to safe and on time performance.
•Highly skilled with computers
•Strong knowledge and background with CASS

•May be required to supervise other Technical Support personnel.
•Documented training in Aircraft Maintenance.

•Have at least 5 years of maintenance experience on different types of large airplanes with 10 or more passenger seats with an air carrier or certificated repair station.
•Avionics training is a plus.

•Work typically performed in an office environment. However, due to work requirements, may require frequent travel which will involve exposure to noise, chemicals, adverse temperatures and other similar hazards.
Mountain Air Cargo, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We offer a comprehensive benefits package.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: none
Travel: 25%
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