STi ( ) is a private aerospace engineering and aircraft maintenance contractor, founded in 1985, looking to fill positions for an upcoming long-term contract with the DoD. The contract is long-term and has a high level of job stability. STi would love to hear from you for pos

Supply Technician - Fort Campbell, KY - (20-DA-003)

Strategic Technology Institute, Inc • 
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:

STi ( ) is a private aerospace engineering and aircraft maintenance contractor, founded in 1985, looking to fill positions for an upcoming long-term contract with the DoD. The contract is long-term and has a high level of job stability. STi would love to hear from you for positions that we have available at the site. Apply today and a STi team member will reach out to you shortly to begin the interview process.

Job Description: This position performs limited aspects of technical supply management work (e.g., inventory management, storage management, cataloging, and property utilization) related to depot, local, or other supply activities. Work usually is segregated by commodity area or function, and controlled in terms of difficulty, complexity, or responsibility. Assignments usually relate to stable or standardized segments of technical supply management operations; or to functions or subjects that are narrow in scope or limited in difficulty. The work generally involves individual case problems or supply actions. This work requires consideration of program requirements together with specific variations in or from standardized guidelines. Assignments require: (a) a good working knowledge of the governing supply systems, programs, policies, nomenclature, work methods, manuals, or other established guidelines; (b) an understanding of the needs of the organization serviced; and (c) analytical ability to define or recognize the dimension of the problems involved, to collect the necessary data to establish the facts, and take or recommend action based upon application or interpretation of established guidelines

General Job Description: STi will provide Field Level and limited Sustainment maintenance support (which includes anything up to component rebuild (Depot level) maintenance) on equipment assigned to the 160th SOAR (Abn). STi personnel shall repair equipment for non-deployed units with both Non-Mission Capable (NMC) faults and overdue services identified the customer based upon workload demands, priorities, and surge requirements. STi shall perform daily unscheduled maintenance and routine scheduled services IAW Army maintenance manuals on all ground support equipment assigned to the 160th SOAR (Abn); Vehicles not limited to-tactical wheeled vehicles from 1 ¼ ton to 10 ton capacity; power generation equipment from 1.5KW to 60KW; 4k to 10k forklifts; multiple trailer platforms; and a complex list of non-standard & ancillary equipment to include John Deere Gators/Utility Vehicles/All Terrain Vehicle’s, wash carts, pickup trucks, tugs & Kawasaki mules. STi shall perform Sustainment Level maintenance only when prior approval has been obtained from the customer. The requirement for sustainment level maintenance will be identified and brought to the customer's attention before any work being accomplished. Any depot maintenance actions will require adequate ground support equipment, tools, special tools, all of which will be provided by the customer. STi shall perform repairs on components and/or end items, disassemble parts/components as necessary to the level authorized by the Maintenance Allocation Charts (MAC). These components include, but are not limited to: Engines, hydraulics, transmissions & transfer cases. STi shall troubleshoot, test and inspect to determine the extent of necessary repairs. STi shall remove parts/components determined to be defective and make authorized repairs. STi shall install serviceable parts/components and perform operational checks to ensure the equipment is fully mission capable (FMC). STi shall provide a Field Level maintenance to include Quality Control and comply with the Safety/ Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) local operations

Clearance Requirements: Secret

Type of Vehicles/Support Equipment: Army tactical and non-tactical ground vehicles and support equipment.

Hourly Rate: $27.60 per hour.

Additional Rate: $4.54 per hour for Health and Welfare. Wealth and Welfare rate can be utilized for any benefits such as: medical, dental, vision, etc. and whatever is leftover will roll into a 401k for yourself.

Start Date: 04/01/2020

Place of Performance: 160th SOAR (Abn) at Fort Campbell, KY

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to or give us a call at 301-770-7077 for further information.

Contract Duration: This is a long standing contract that STi has recently been awarded. The contract with STi has a duration of 3.5 years, at which time the contract will be re-competed. STi and other vendors will bid at that time, and if in the event STi does not win the resulting contract, personnel on site have first right of refusal on a job offer from the incoming contractor. It is a long term position in that regard as personnel will just change their badging to the new company that takes over, but all positions will remain.

Job Requirements:
All job requirements are covered within the job description section. If you have any questions please reach out to
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: N/A
Travel: N/A
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