Effectively exercises control and responsibility forall quality control resources on his/her shift within the parameters set by the Director of Maintenance.Effectively controls and maintains all NDTequipment.  Efficiently makes airworthiness determinations.Efficiently works closely with Planning and

Chief Inspector

AAR Corp. • 
Miami, Florida, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Effectively exercises control and responsibility for
all quality control resources on his/her shift within the parameters set by the Director of Maintenance.
Effectively controls and maintains all NDTequipment.  
Efficiently makes airworthiness determinations.
Efficiently works closely with Planning and others in the preparation of work packages to optimize resources and elapsed time
required for the maintenance visits.
Effectively ensures that all priorities set by the VP of Quality Control are met and adjusts shift  resources to meet those priorities.
Efficiently monitors the progress of all projects by effectively coordinating with senior supervisors.
Effectively assists senior supervisors on their assigned projects as required.
Efficiently coordinates projects with Logistics/Stores and all support departments to ensure the smooth implementation of projects on a timely basis.
Effectively coordinates with customer reps as necessary within guidelines established by the VP,  Quality Control.
Effectively uses his/her discretion to contact the VP of Quality Control, the General Manager or such other persons as may be necessary
to carry out his responsibilities.
Ensures the proper training of the personnel under his/her discretion ; if necessary provides training, technical expertise and guidance to all assigned personnel.
Job Requirements:
High school education or G.E.D. preferred.        
Minimum ten years’ experience in aircraft maintenance 
Mandatory knowledge of the FAA/JAA and other regulatory requirements as they pertain to aircraft maintenance and certification.
Familiar with Aircraft Manufacturer and Air Carrier Maintenance Programs
Must be detail oriented with project management skills and be multi-task oriented.
Must possess technical knowledge of OEM requirements, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins affecting business capabilities and products required.
Holds current A & P license in good standing.
Qualified to function at the highest level in the quality department.
Has worked for two years as an inspector on large transport category aircraft
Experience managing an Aircraft Maintenance or Inspection organization at a departmental level, developing and managing financial and operational budgets.  
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Ident #: AAR
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