Now Hiring: Air Traffic Controllers, Air Battle Managers, Weapons Directors, Operations Specialists and Command and Control Specialists for Detection Enforcement Officer Positions.   Detection Enforcement Officers are valuable members of the nation’s only Federal Law Enforcement Center, tasked to c

Detection Enforcement Officer

CBP Air and Marine Operations • 
Riverside, California, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Now Hiring: Air Traffic Controllers, Air Battle Managers, Weapons Directors, Operations Specialists and Command and Control Specialists for Detection Enforcement Officer Positions. 
Detection Enforcement Officers are valuable members of the nation’s only Federal Law Enforcement Center, tasked to coordinate interdiction operations in the entire Western Hemisphere. As a Detection Enforcement Officer, you will conduct aviation and maritime surveillance operations to detect, identify, track, and coordinate the interdiction of threats approaching or operating within the borders of the United States.
This position is currently open at the Air and Marine Operations Center (AMOC) in Riverside, CA to VRA eligible candidates. If interested in applying, simply click here and an AMOC Recruiter will contact you with instructions. 
Typical responsibilities include:
  • Operating leading-edge radar surveillance technology including ground, airborne, and space-based sensors to interpret and analyze data in tracking suspect aircraft and/or vessels used by criminals and terrorists.
  • Generating leads, gathering evidence, and developing intelligence on potential criminal activity using radar or other sensor systems.
  • Working with criminal investigators on active investigations of civil and criminal cases.
  • Performing queries utilizing data from various law enforcement and open source database systems to determine appropriate actions to be taken against a suspect person, aircraft, or vessel.
  • Distinguishing between suspect targets and legitimate traffic operating along the borders of and within the United States, Canada, Bahamas, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • Operating radio and satellite communications, specialized radar equipment, and other systems to direct law enforcement personnel in making successful interdictions or arrests.
  • Being a Detection Enforcement Officer opens opportunities as your career advances. In your career, you may have the opportunity to do the following:
  • Provide air and maritime domain awareness to national security events and national taskings. These types of events include the Super Bowls, disaster relief operations (for example, hurricane, earthquake, etc.), Presidential movements, and other special operations.
  • Prepare reports identifying trends and patterns in aviation activities relating to criminal organizations and movements.
  • Testify in court as needed.
  • Travel to various locations CONUS and OCONUS.

Here’s how to apply for the Detection Enforcement Officer position:

By email directly with an AMOC Recruiter- please email the following documents to: AMOCRECRUITING@CBP.DHS.GOV or visit

1. A resume:
      a. Please format your resume chronologically with no gaps in employment (see AMOC info packet for a sample format). If you were unemployed or going to school please show that in your timeline. Please include all          employment even those not directly related to aviation. All work history is needed to complete your background check.
      b. Please emphasize any experience and knowledge you have interpreting /analyzing /predicting/ exploiting any radar or sensors systems. For example, this can include weather radars, STARS, PAR, DBRITE, TCAS,          ADSB, TPS-75 etc. DEO duties focus more on radar surveillance than air traffic control, so please tailor your resume accordingly.
      c. Our hiring center employees are civilians with no aviation or ATC experience. Please use plain language and avoid acronyms to the maximum extent possible. We recommend someone without any aviation knowledge          review your resume for understanding.
      d. We at the AMOC do not have hiring authority the CBP hiring center does and your resume is what ultimately will determine if you receive a job offer.
2. PDF copy of DD-214 (Member 4 copy). If still Active Duty...will need a PDF copy of a Statement of Service Letter from servicing military branch that clearly shows your date of separation, full unreacted SSN and expected character of discharge (format attached).
3. If you are a disabled veteran, you must submit documentation from the VA or branch of the armed forces showing your service-connected disability. (VA disability letter along with an SF-15)
4. PDF copy of SF-50 (if currently/past held a Federal/DoD position).
5. Completed DEO VRA Applicant Checklist
Job Requirements:
Key Requirements: 

• Be a U.S. citizen, pass a background and security investigation, have a valid driver’s license and have resided in the U.S. for at least the last three years.
• Veterans Preference for eligible candidates
• Meet job-related medical and drug-testing standards.
• Complete the DEO training program, primarily focused on radar and domestic laws related to air/maritime conveyances.
Possess skills in the areas of radar usage, analysis, and interpretation.
• Operational knowledge of airborne, maritime, and/ or ground-based Air Traffic Control, Air Defense Sector and/or Airborne Early Warning-type radar facilities/platforms.
• Knowledge of air traffic control procedures, airspace, and terminology.
• Knowledge of a wide variety of general aviation, transport and military-type aircraft, to include performance characteristics used by civil, military and criminal organizations.
• Obtain and maintain a Secret Security Clearance.
• Applications accepted from Merit Promotion-eligible or Non-competitive Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) if eligible.

Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as practical, even as early as one year out from retiring/separating from the military.

Salary Range: 73,096-95,023
Travel: Some travel my be required
Job Ident #:
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