Do you have an FAA Commercial Pilot Certification or higher? Can you take complex, technical aerial operations topics and explain them in a concise manner? Do you have experience developing and delivering risk mitigation solutions? Wilbur-Ellis is seeking exceptional aviation and agronomy risk mange
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Aviation Safety & Risk Manager, Remote Location Negotiable

Wilbur Ellis • 
San Francisco, California, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Do you have an FAA Commercial Pilot Certification or higher? Can you take complex, technical aerial operations topics and explain them in a concise manner? Do you have experience developing and delivering risk mitigation solutions? Wilbur-Ellis is seeking exceptional aviation and agronomy risk manger. An aerial applicator license and/or agriculture aircraft operator certificate is a plus!
For nearly a century, Wilbur-Ellis has experienced success and growth in marketing and distributing agricultural products and services.  Join us and grow your career with a strong and profitable industry leader offering competitive compensation, tremendous growth and development opportunities, and a people-first work environment. Come grow with us!
General Purpose and Scope of Position:
As the Aviation Safety and Risk Manager you will propose, develop and implement an aviation safety management system, that includes a hazard reporting program, and incident investigation process, as well as other elements of a SMS. You will, with informal authority, influence and motivate aerial employees to adhere to safety policies and procedures with respect to best prevention practices as well as ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws such as FAA, EPA, and OSHA.  This includes identifying operational safety gaps, impact of human factors and issues that lead to complacency in both pilot and ground crew errors. In this role, you will conduct limited aviation incident investigations to include causal factor analysis and implementation of risk mitigation solutions to prevent future occurrences.  You will ensure that all aerial employees are adequately informed of safety reporting processes and have the necessary initial and recurring training to perform their work while increasing safety performance.  In addition to the safety of aerial employees and assets, this position will work closely with Enterprise Risk Management to serve as the expert on all aerial agronomic application risks and establish a culture of proactive agronomic risk prevention.  Further, this role will integrate with EHSS to provide aviation safety expertise, and to leverage existing safety resources.  The Aviation Safety and Risk Manager will establish and maintain a safety-minded culture in the Wilbur-Ellis Aerial Operations division that ultimately protects our employees, physical assets and communities we serve.
Job Requirements:
Key Skills and Abilities Include:
  • Bachelor’s degree or comparable education required
  • Ability to effectively articulate complex topics in a concise manner, to translate technical aspects of aerial operations and safety into easily understandable language for management
  • Ability to proactively identify challenges, gather and analyze information and develop plans to effectively address aviation safety and agronomy risk issues
  • Ability to conduct a deep-dive incident investigation to perform causal factor analysis, identify root cause, and formulate risk mitigation solutions to prevent future occurrence
  • Ability to develop and deliver policy as it relates to risk mitigation and regulatory compliance programs.
  • Understand the importance of safeguarding proprietary information, e.g. business strategy, plans, and objectives, as well as privileged safety investigation information
  •  Ability to collaborate and work with others in a professional manner, reacting well under pressure and treating others with respect and consideration
  • Knowledge of Project Management principles to prioritize and plan work activities and include relevant stakeholders in the decision-making process
  • Proficiency in – Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, project management software and RMIS. 
  • Must have attended formal aviation safety training (Military, University, FAA or NTSB) 
  • Must hold an FAA Commercial pilot certificate or higher
  • Must hold, or be able to obtain, a current agricultural aircraft operator certificate 
  • Maintain aerial applicator licensing requirements and flight hours
  • Must hold a second class medical or higher
  • Mastery of aviation safety and its application(s) with an eye towards the protection of people and property. 
  • Mastery of aviation application skills including piloting and spray pattern expertise, along with plane loading and operational logistics 
  • Fluent in environmental topics pertaining to agricultural aviation 
  • Agricultural background with working knowledge and handling of plant protection chemistries, fertilizers, and seed 
  • Knowledge of agronomy risk management, geography crops, experience in distribution, application, and use of plant protection products
  • Knowledge of applicable laws and regulations that govern the agriculture aviation industry across multiple jurisdictions 
  • Familiarity with ERM frameworks and process and other functional area's performance
Key Personal Attributes Include:
  • Ability to Help communicate the safety program effectively through the organization
  • Ability to work cross-functionally and in heavily matrixed environments
  • Ability to Communicate pilot issues to management effectively
  • Ability to build an investigation process to investigate incidents and make effective recommendations to management
  • Ability to effectively articulate complex topics in a concise manner ability to influence and motivate others with informal authority
  • Possess a high degree of dependability to operate both independently and collaboratively to provide key deliverables in a timely manner with minimal direct supervision
Specific Responsibilities and Key Deliverables Include:
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining the Aviation Safety Management System ensuring all program elements meet company need and requirements, including industry standards.
  • Responsible for developing and managing an aerial hazard reporting system, and aerial safety training program.
  • Develop a written, interactive Aerial Operations Emergency Response Plan
  • Conduct aerial and agronomic incident investigation to determine causal factors and risk mitigation solutions
  • Develop and maintain systems to collect data and report on aviation safety-related issues
  • Deliver a monthly report of safety discussions, incidents, and recommendations to address issues that arise
  • Build an aerial safety and agronomy risk committee that will address safety concerns methodically and in a timely manner Support and assist the VP of Enterprise Risk Management and Geography Agronomy Risk Managers with aerial specific risk control plans through pilot's participation in training/certification and equipment selection to manage agronomic liability for the aerial business
Compensation and Benefits:
  • Competitive annual salary (to be determined based on experience and other factors
  • Comprehensive employee health and retirement benefit offerings
If you are currently a Wilbur-Ellis employee, please notify your Manager prior to applying for this position. Thank you!
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Bachelors or better.
Licenses & Certifications
Commercial Pilots License
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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