WHO YOU’RE EVALUATING:   Wonder what its like flying for the most pilot-friendlyaircraft management company?   Silver Air prides operating with a culture of excellence, andpilots are at the core of the vision. You’ll join a team who knows how toprovide the highest quality experience to our team mem

Hawker 800XP Captain/ARM

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St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
WHO YOU’RE EVALUATING:   Wonder what its like flying for the most pilot-friendlyaircraft management company?   Silver Air prides operating with a culture of excellence, andpilots are at the core of the vision. You’ll join a team who knows how toprovide the highest quality experience to our team members and clients. We havethe highest-rated independent auditing firm certifications in private jetting.    Your experience is our most important asset, so we work hard tocreate an environment that keeps you thriving. We designed your benefitspackage (below) with a pilot’s needs in mind.  - WHO YOU ARE:    As a Lead Captain, you’re responsible for operating the aircraftin a safe and sensible manner. Youre a pilot who hones their aviation skillsdaily and cooperates with the crew easily. To do that, you should: 
  1. Communicate professionally with crew members and clients at all times. You adapt well to different people and can adjust your workingstyle. 
  2. Thrive in changing environments and have the flexibility for priorities that switch instantly. Youll be in a fast-paced environment while on call. 
  3. Ambitiously work on being the best pilot you can be. Your coworkers want to do that, too, so youll fit right in. 
WHAT YOU’LL LEAD:     Youre responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of theflight as the Lead Captain. Your duties include:
  • Ensure the safety of all passengers, aircraft, and crew
  • Reviewing the maintenance status
  • Conducting proper pre-flight inspections
  • Following all policies according to Silver Air and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Plan and execute flight operations for private jets, including flight planning, fuel management, and weight and balance calculations
  • The conduct of a proper pre-flight inspection in accordance with the approved Aircraft Flight Manual 
  • A complete check of weather and facilities along the route to be flown and airports to be used, including alternate airports 
Accurate completion of all trip paperwork in accordance with current procedures.  WHAT IS AN ARM? (AVIATION RESOURCE MANAGEMENT): 
  • Liaison with the Aircraft Owner and the internal Silver Air departments to ensure the aircraftis operated efficiently and according to the overall management plan
  • Be a LEADER and MENTOR to all team members assigned to the aircraft
  • Understand the management plan of the aircraft, including the Owner’s personal use and charter levels set forth in the management agreement with the Aircraft Owner, and ensure goals are being met
  • Collaborate with the dedicated Maintenance Manager to coordinate and oversee schedule and unscheduled maintenance events
  • Ensure the aircraft is stocked and mission ready for all Ower and charter flights
  • Partner with People and Culture regarding all crewing activities, including developing a crew plan, communicating with owners, applicants, and Chief Pilot
  • Be involved in scheduling of flight crew for charters and owner flights and work with Flight Support to establish a Hard Days Off schedule with all flight crew team members
  • Ensure the efficient and cost-effective use of both internal and external resources for the aircraft
  • Provide training and guidance to personnel on ARM best practices and procedures
  • Review the monthly statement items with the dedicated Accounting Manager and the dedicated Maintenance Manager
- WHAT YOU BRING:    You have the experience to transition over to Silver Air withease. 
  • Total time in all aircraft 3500 hours/3000 hours as PIC.
  • Multi-engine time 3000 hours/2000 hours as PIC.
  • Total Turbine time 1750 hours preferred.
  • Total time in airplane type 200 hours/100 hours as PIC.
  • Type rated on HS-125. Or comparable aircraft.
  • Valid First Class Medical Certificate. This is required.
  • Previous Part 135 experience. This is preferred, but not required.
  • Compliant with ICAO Annex I - As it pertains to aircraft engaged ininternational commercial air transport operations with more than one pilot.
  • CANPASS authorization. Youll need the ability to obtain and maintain CANPASS authorization for unrestricted travel to/from Canada as a commercial pilot.
WHO YOU’LL BE WORKING WITH:  We don’t believe in floating fleets so you’ll work with the samethree pilots for the specific tail number and aircraft type.   Your teams consist of a Lead Captain, Captain, and First Officer.You’ll also be supported by a Flight Management and Support team.  - WHAT YOUR BENEFITS ARE:Your success depends on how the rest of the team supports you. Youll see we strive to make Silver Air an incredible place to work for pilots.    Our benefits are always evolving, though heres a peak into yourperks: 
  • As Lead Captain, youre in charge of creating a schedule based on you and your crews needs. You take into account 10 days off per month and 20 days scheduled for flight.  
  • Your Flight Support team coordinates ALL your travel and logistics. These include airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. Your only priority then is to show up and execute.
  • Your leadership, hospitality, and flight simulator training are all paid by Silver Air.
  • Youll fly fresh equipment thats well-maintained and use the most up-to-date technology (iPads, Foreflight, Jepp charts, etc).
  • You get a KCM badge, paid medical exams, extra passports, and a cell phone stipend.
  • You have premium health benefits such as fully paid medical for employee and family, vision, dental, life insurance, HSA, and FSA. 
  • You get a generous 5 company match eligible on your first day to your company retirement plan 401(k)! 
  • You can use an Employee Assistance Program to help with many personal concerns. These include relationship issues, elder care, childcare, grief, and other life situations.
  • Your compensation is above market compensation compared to 100+ private operators and you see regular pay reviews.
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