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STARA Technologies

1620 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Gilbert, Arizona 85233

STARA Technologies specializes in rapidly developing and deploying technologies that meet the immediate operational needs of the US Government (USG). Recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown that an unstructured group of insurgents equipped with commercially available technology can be a formidable enemy for a large military force. In order to neutralize these guerrilla elements, the USG needs an engineering arm that can develop new technologies and deliver them to the battlefield at the same pace as the enemy. STARA is a tight knit team of inventor/engineers that enjoy solving difficult problems with a practical approach, an aggressive timeline and at a fraction of the cost of large defense contracing companies. Over the past 9 years we have developed a variety of innovative products ranging from miniature GPS guided parachutes to noise suppressing UAV mufflers to specialized transport containers for USAF C-130/C-17 aircraft.
Supported Manufacturers:
Lockheed, Boeing

Current Job Openings at STARA Technologies:

Job - Inventory/Parts - Supply Technician
Fort Benning, Georgia, Arizona USA
Job - Maintenance - Rotary Wing Aircraft Mechanic
Fort Benning, Arizona USA
Job - Management - Aviation Maintenance and Logistics Site Mgr
Fort Benning, Arizona USA
Job - Pilot-Rotary Wing - UH60L Maintenance Test Pilot
Fort Benning, Arizona USA

Previous Aviation and Aerospace jobs at STARA Technologies:

Job - Management - Business Development Manager
Gilbert, Arizona USA
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