Certificated A&P Mechanic, Kansas City MOExperience on Boeing/Airbus aircraft preferred.  To perform functions assigned in the service, repair and overhaul of aircraft and aircraft components, parts and accessories. Physical Demands:Requires sitting, standing and walking for extended periods of time

A&P Mechanic-Kansas City

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Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
Certificated A&P Mechanic, Kansas City MO
Experience on Boeing/Airbus aircraft preferred.  
To perform functions assigned in the service, repair and overhaul of aircraft and aircraft components, parts and accessories.
Physical Demands:
  • Requires sitting, standing and walking for extended periods of time.
  • Requires frequent bending, stooping, squatting, crouching, kneeling, balancing and reaching above shoulder level.
  • Requires occasional crawling, climbing, lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling weight up to or over 75 pounds.
  • Requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.
  • Requires corrected vision and hearing to normal range.
  • Work Location: Aircraft maintenance hangar, flight line
Essential Job Functions:
• Researches technical data and performs disassembly, repair, cleaning, adjustment, assembly, testing and calibration of aircraft components and company special tools and ground equipment in accordance with applicable maintenance manual, FAA regulations and company policies and procedures.
• Repairs, replaces and rebuilds aircraft structures such as wings and fuselage, and functional components including rigging, surface controls, plumbing and hydraulic units.
• Reads and interprets manufacturers’ and airlines’ maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and other specifications to determine feasibility and method of repairing or replacing malfunctioning or damaged components.
• Upon removing units from an aircraft, engine, or other major component or subassembly, completes appropriate identification, routing tags and forms and makes appropriate entries into the Component Removal Log.
• Inspects turbine blades to detect cracks or breaks.
• Disassembles and inspects parts for wear, or other defects.
• Repairs or replaces defective engine parts and reassembles and installs engine in aircraft.
• Adjusts, repairs, or replaces electrical wiring system and aircraft accessories.
• Performs miscellaneous duties to service aircraft including flushing crankcase, cleaning screens, greasing moving parts, and checking brakes.
• Upon completion of work scope obtains the signature of a certified mechanic on work cards or forms.
Job Requirements:
knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Ability to organize and plan work adhering to deadlines
Attention to detail and mathematical skills
Ability to read, write, and understand the English language and to follow verbal and written instruction
Ability to interpret and apply technical data relating to position; ability to safely drive and operate a standard shift automotive vehicle and other applicable equipment
Ablity to work with or without supervision.
Education/Training: High School diploma or equivalent required.
Postsecondary education or training in aircraft maintenance or equivalent combination of education, training or experience required.
Certificates/Licenses: A&P License
Duties not listed within the position description may be required of the employee at the discretion of the department management. Job functions and percentages may vary due to irregular working conditions or multiple shift positions.
Must be a US Citizen. Not providing sponsorship for this position
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Ident #: Phoenix Manpower Group, LLC
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