Task Description:Aircraft Mechanic III (23023): Leads a team in the performance of aircraft maintenance, inspections, and scheduled / unscheduled maintenance. Processes the technical experience to supervise subordinate mechanics and provide technical guidance on maintenance operations on the airfram
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Aircraft Mechanic III

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Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
Task Description:

Aircraft Mechanic III (23023): Leads a team in the performance of aircraft maintenance, inspections, and scheduled / unscheduled maintenance. Processes the technical experience to supervise subordinate mechanics and provide technical guidance on maintenance operations on the airframe being supported. Capable of performing, supervising and inspecting the duties of Mechanic Is, IIs and IIIs. A person in this position maintains repairs and modifies aircraft structures, structural components and engines of complex to extreme difficulty, maintains and repairs aircraft components including but not limited to flight controls, engines, hydraulics, pneumatics, fuel systems and mechanical components, and applies technical knowledge of airframe and power plant systems in determining equipment malfunctions and applies technical expertise in restoring equipment condition and operation. This worker also applies professional technical expertise and guidance to solve complex problems by interpreting technical data such as blueprints or manufactures' manuals. Work typically requires a thoroughly comprehensive knowledge of aircraft mechanical component troubleshooting/repair procedures and replacement of components, a thorough knowledge of aircraft sheet metal/structural modification and repair and the ability to determine functionality of non-complex electrical systems. A detailed knowledge of aircraft unique tools such as test equipment, torque wrenches, dial indicators, micrometers, cable tensiometers, sheet metal brakes and sheers, etc. is required. Must possess the experience and ability to provide technical support to structural/mechanical engineers and customers alike, must possess excellent organizational skills in prioritizing workload to meet aircraft delivery schedule. This worker will be required to make entries in aircraft logs and records, and is responsible for providing guidance and technical expertise to lower level technicians throughout all aircraft modifications and/or maintenance efforts.

Skill and Knowledge: Shall have the ability to troubleshoot malfunctions in various aircraft systems and be able to perform general Organizational Level maintenance and possess one or more of the specialties of the assigned aircraft below:

Avionics, Electrician, Powerplant, Airframe/Structural, Corrosion, Hydraulic/Pneumatic, and mechanical Flight Control Systems

Responsibility: Performs requirements in accordance with the procedures established in the PWS. Performs diagnosis and corrective actions, disassembles, inspects, evaluates, and accomplishes necessary repairs, lays out work according to technical instructions and technical directives. Determines what repairs, modifications, and part replacements are required. May be required to verify work performed by another for which he/she is qualified to perform.

1. Perform duties as Team Lead.
2. Troubleshoot malfunctions in aircraft structure, landing gear, flight surfaces and controls, pneumatic, hydraulic, and ventilation and heating systems.
3. Inspect, repair, replace, and rebuild aircraft components/sub components to include rigging of flight control.
4. Read and interpret manufacturers' maintenance manuals, service bulletins, technical data, engineering data, and other specifications to determine feasibility and method of repairing or replacing malfunctioning or damaged components.
5. Perform phase, scheduled, unscheduled, periodic, and other hourly or calendar inspections.
6. Perform preflight, thru flight, and post-flight maintenance inspections, launch and recover aircraft, and Preventive Maintenance Daily Inspections.
7. Requisition repair parts, materials, and consumable supplies through military supply system.
8. Perform other tasks as directed.

1. Seven or more years’ H-1 rotary wing experience.
2. 10 years Aviation Maintenance experience
3. Secret security clearance
4. Safe for Flight (SFF) qualification in H-1 aircraft and be able to obtain SFF certification upon hire
5. Six or more years’ experience with NALCOMIS/OOMA
6. Basic Corrosion Control Course
7. Advanced Corrosion Control Course/Paint and Final Finish
8. Automated Track and Balancing System (ATABS) Course (NATEC provides)
9. Previously certified H-1 CDQAR
10. Plane Captain

1. Must be able to work 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th shift schedules as required.
2. Must be able work flexible work-week schedules i.e. M-F or as required.
3. Must be able to pass a background check.
4. Must be able to obtain favorable National Agency Check with Written Inquires (NACI).
5. Must be able to climb ladders, raised platforms, and aircraft.
6. Must be able to use hand and power tools.
7. Must have dexterity to handle small parts.
8. Must be able to deploy to support off station exercises and perform other support duties as assigned.
Job Requirements:
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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