Flammability Airworth InspectorSavannah, GALT ContractPay rate: DOEUnique Skills:Experience with Flammability coupon manufacturing preferred. Familiarity with FAA flammability testing procedures per 14 CFR 25.853.Education and Experience Requirements:High School Diploma or GED required. 3 years exp
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Flammability Airworth Inspector

Inconen Corporation • 
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:

Flammability Airworth Inspector
Savannah, GA
LT Contract
Pay rate: DOE
Unique Skills:
Experience with Flammability coupon manufacturing preferred. Familiarity with FAA flammability testing procedures per 14 CFR 25.853.
Education and Experience Requirements:
High School Diploma or GED required. 3 years experience on aircraft. Strong knowledge of FARs 21,25,43,91,135 and 145, and knowledge of ODA/FAA Conformity requirements. Other CD, DQR or GA stamp 180 Days required.
Position Purpose:
Acquire accurate information pertinent for fabrication and Inspection of flammability test samples required. to show proof of flammability for materials used in the aircraft during the completion interior installation.
Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
Essential Functions: 1. Responsible for all Quality Control inspection pertaining to flammability issues for the ODA and Repair Station. 2. Responsible for review and approval of aircraft documentation. 3. Complete flammability request forms for the fabrication of test samples. 4. Fabricate flammability test samples as required. 5. Keeps accurate, neat and legible records of the work performed on aircraft. 6. Writes discrepancies and keeps track of all work order documents. 7. Completes turnover for the succeeding individual to assure continuity of process.
Additional Functions: 1. Assures completion of projects on assigned aircraft. 2. Completes turnover for the succeeding shift to assure continuing inspection responsibility. Perform other duties as assigned.
Other Requirements: 1. Ability to read engineering drawings or blueprints. 6. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Strong computer skills. 2. Ability to use hand tools and equipment. 3. Will require good physical condition due to being on feet most of the shift. 4. Sedentary position with heavy keyboard usage. 5. Occasional unassisted manual lifting and carrying of up to 25 lb.
Languages Required (in addition to English): English
Job Requirements:
Salary Range: DOE-DOE
Job Ident #: 9173

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