Ascent Aviation Services is one of the largest aviation maintenance, repair, overhaul, storage and reclamation operations in the world. Our strength comes from our talented and professional employees who excel through teamwork and enthusiasm. Ascent Aviation Services continues to grow and are conti

Operations Manager

Ascent Aviation Services • 
Roswell, New Mexico, United States
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:

Ascent Aviation Services is one of the largest aviation maintenance, repair, overhaul, storage and reclamation operations in the world. Our strength comes from our talented and professional employees who excel through teamwork and enthusiasm. Ascent Aviation Services continues to grow and are continually looking for motivated and career minded aviation professionals who will support our vision and goals.


The Operations Manager will determine and assign workload requirements to the employees to assure a smooth transition between shifts for all skills to ensure the Company meets the delivery date on projects. The Operations Manager will make sure that all repair personnel carry out their respective duties in full accordance to company policies and procedures and in full compliance to FAA-accepted RSM/QCM, relevant FAA regulatory requirements, and other applicable regulatory agency guidelines (e.g., EASA, Aruba, etc.). The workload is to be coordinated with other Department Managers that oversee personnel. 

The Operations Manager’s responsibility extends to quality, financial results, safety, and on-time delivery of the projects.  The Operations Manager must be adequately versed in all aspects of the projects(s) to properly review man hours and explain any discrepancies which the customer may have.  The Operations Manager will continuously communicate with and specifically give progress reports to the customer daily.  The Operations Manager must attend all required meetings and brief on the progress of their projects, and results of latest customer meetings.  Any obstacles which any bearing on the release or schedule of the project may have must be reviewed with the VP/COO. 


Physical Demands: Requires sitting, standing and walking for extended periods of time.  Requires occasional bending, climbing, stooping or squatting.  Requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.   Requires corrected vision and hearing to normal range.

Work Location: Aircraft maintenance hangar, maintenance offices, and runway/ramp areas.

Protective Equipment Required: Ear protection.

Potential Hazards: Exposure to high intensity noise levels, extreme changes in temperature, materials identified on Safety Data Sheets, working around moving machinery.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Have a working knowledge of the company Inspection Procedures Manual (IPM) and Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Requirements.
  • Maintains positive employee relations, promoting Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Consistently practices Company&39;s management principles, policies, and programs.
  • Provides strong leadership in customer relations and ensures customer satisfaction for maintenance-related matters.
  • Executes programs for continuous improvement in safety, quality, efficiency, productivity, and cost control.
  • The Operations Manager will review and discuss the following with VP/COO; Manpower requirements, Ground support equipment, Tooling and equipment levels.
  • Acts as a FAA contact for matters regarding the facility as described in this position description.
  • Control the maintenance production flow on the assigned project.
  • Coordinate maintenance and schedule requirements with customers
  • Ensures technical resources have the training and certifications to comply with Repair Station and customer requirements.
  • Coordinates with business unit leaders and supporting departments to establish work priorities, workflows, and standards and resolves work-related issues.
  • Meet daily with the Management team assigned to the program from each functional area to review the work scope and its requirements and the contract/budget restrictions where applicable.
  • Meet daily with all appropriate parties for updating the Customer on the status of their program
  • Coordinates the planned billable man-hours for the day and shifts with departments and local team.
  • Identifies and coordinates the man-hours estimate required for opened non-routines.
  • Rationalize man-hour estimates to the customer, gains approval, then executes to ensure on-time project completion
  • Evaluates the percentage of total planned man-hours utilized compared to the percentage of completion of assigned work orders ensuring project is within budgetary/contract constrains.
  • Ensure budget and delivery schedule is maintained.
  • Delegate such duties assigned to specific personnel as necessary, however, such delegation does not relieve the overall responsibilities.
  • Obtain customer approvals for man hours and parts as needed. Provide complete explanation and meticulous detail to justify the request for approval.
  • Ensure the work area and bay in which their Aircraft project is located is kept to the highest standards of safety, compliant always, enforcing regulations and practices to avoid accidents.
  • Ensure that good housekeeping practices are always enforced with an objective of securing an environment conducive to employee well-being.
  • Scrutinize the proper tagging of Aircraft components, parts and panels appropriately stored.
  • Strive for continuous process improvements and increasing efficiencies in execution and delivery with safety as a priority.
  • Review daily personnel performance and progress on aircraft to determine if any alteration to the plan and schedule is necessary and to ensure that tasks are completed within budgeted time.

Additional Job Functions:

  • Introduce Customers to all the key players on the program but ensuring that the customers’ contact for schedules, budget issues, problems dealing with personnel or procedures and/or other concerns as the Operations Manager.
  • Assisting in the bid/proposal process with Marketing and Contracts.
  • The Operations Manager will communicate continually with the assigned department regarding the execution of the program and will be the interface them for problems concerning other functional areas, i.e., Material, Inspection, and Finance.
  • The Operations Manager will hold periodic (daily or more often) meetings with all appropriate parties for updating the Customer on the status of their program.
  • Ensure that all work performed is done in a safe manner. Directs activities to protect employees from harm and maintain safe working conditions.


  • Will provide top-level resources and support to SMS compliance, FAA regulations, safe workplace initiatives/practices, and to eliminate health hazards.
  • Will consider all employee suggestions to propose solutions, and/or possible improvements for achieving a safer, healthier workplace.
  • Will monitor, measure and track safety objectives to ensure performance standards are met and to implement continuous improvement measures.
Job Requirements:


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Ability to organize and plan work, adhering to deadlines; excellent communication skills including ability to read, write, and understand the English language and to follow and administer verbal and written instruction; ability to prioritize and delegate multiple work projects; ability to work effectively with people at all levels of the organization; excellent presentation skills and ability to favorably represent the company; excellent leadership, two-way communication, judgment, creativity, negotiation and conflict resolution skills; ability to adjust to rapidly changing circumstances and priorities; ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations; strong knowledge of human behavior and management techniques.

Education/Training: High School diploma or equivalent required. Post-secondary education or training in aircraft maintenance or equivalent combination of education, training or experience preferred.

Experience: Minimum of at least ten (10) years of maintenance experience with a minimum of five (5) years in Aviation Management or related discipline or equivalent combination of education, training, or experience required.

Certificates/Licenses: Must hold a valid FAA Airframe or FAA Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) License/certificate and a current valid Arizona driver’s license.

Other: May be required to work at all locations - Marana, AZ, Tucson, AZ and Roswell, NM as business needs dictate.

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