General Responsibilities/Purposes:The Chief Engineer is the technical authority within the organization. Will build strong Engineering and Design capabilities with motivated and competent employees oriented to excellence in engineering, respectful of customer needs, and infused with a “can do” spiri

Chief Engineer

Safran  • 
Aston, Pennsylvania, United States
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:

General Responsibilities/Purposes:
The Chief Engineer is the technical authority within the organization. Will build strong Engineering and Design capabilities with motivated and competent employees oriented to excellence in engineering, respectful of customer needs, and infused with a “can do” spirit. Be an advocate for high quality performance and teamwork throughout the company. Be a proactive force for excellence in innovation, technology, teamwork, and customer relations.
Core responsibilities
•Leads engineering group in the design and development of complex hydraulic, electromechanical, electronic based solutions for customer sponsored and Internal R&D projects. May be major / clean sheet solutions or modifications of current standard designs.
•Accountable for technical quality in all projects, with delegation ability to other engineering personnel to develop their leadership, design and problem solving skills.
•Approves plans for the product development phases including product feasibility, trade studies, detailed design and analysis, development, test and verification, and product introduction (w/ PM as applicable).
•Responsible for assigning engineers with specific tasks, presence and hands-on involvement is expected both in the office and on location for new or adapted product introductions
•Signoff authority for technical accuracy within all gate reviews in the design and development phase of internal and customer sponsored projects
Other general responsibilities
•Ensure project completion in an efficient manner
•Identification of skills and resources needed, develops and recruits staff
•Ensures safety, reliability, and balance of design-to-cost, product performance, and schedule objectives
•challenges and develops team to generate ideas and observe discipline in all aspects of design stages
•Delegates tasks as necessary to develop, challenge, and efficiently utilize engineering team
Process discipline
•Works with Business Process Manager of Develop process to enforce / modify product life cycle and engineering processes to include minimum requirements for process steps and gates for passage to subsequent steps
•Shall have particular discipline for full completion of task required for design requirements finalization, trade study conclusion and design approach, preliminary design review gate, critical design review gate, and test and validation gates
•Maintains all records of process step artifacts and develops lessons learned data
Complementary Description
Broad knowledge of an advanced and technically or professionally specialized discipline or other studies not available in undergraduate schools involving an advanced theoretical knowledge within a specialized field. Advanced engineering degree, Licensed PE or equivalent experience required. Familiarity in dealing with government/military contracts both Federal and international in scope will aid in Customer-funded R&D activity.
•Portfolio of design solutions personally developed or led, preferably patented
•Experience driving systems engineering thinking and familiar with formal, disciplined design processes such as those used in aerospace (i.e ARP4754) and/or automotive industries
•Involvement and/or knowledge of industry trends and demonstrated passion for mechanical technology,
•Possesses understanding of new technologies and cutting edge methods in the field
•Demonstrated continual self - education and knowledge in engineering (mechanical) fields
Difficult work on highly technical or involved projects, presenting new or constantly changing problems. Duties require broad conceptual judgement, initiative and ability to deal with complex factors and ideas not easily evaluated and to make decisions based on conclusions for which there is little precedent Requires strategic perspective and excellent interpersonal skills. Planning skills required to effectively schedule program objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.
Job Requirements:

Skills & Competencies
•Demonstrated strength in full requirements development, clean-sheet design conceptualization, detailed schematic and directive oversight of detailed layout for complex mechanical systems
•Core experience with highly loaded, complex hydraulic and electromechanical mechanisms and machinery
•Strong ability to understand and define and manage requirements flow down for all technical disciplines (mechanical, electrical, electronic, systems)
•Demonstrated ability to implement practical / cost-effective solutions to realize design concepts
•Excellent problem-solving skills in diverse environments, within and external to engineering
•Strong analytical capabilities, can determine model and analysis validity / accuracy quickly and intuitively based on experience
•Strong leadership qualities, & excellent communication skills; able to negotiate with team members and drive design solutions in optimal direction
Salary Range: -
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