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This Agreement was last modified on September 12, 2022.


Please read these Terms of Service completely for the use of JSfirm.com which is owned and operated by JSfirm, LLC.  This agreement documents the legally binding terms and conditions for the use of JSfirm.com (hereinafter, "Site").

By using or accessing the Site in any way, viewing or browsing the Site, or adding your content to the Site, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service.
Intellectual Property
The Site and all of its content are the sole property of JSfirm, LLC and are fully protected by the applicable international copyright and other intellectual property rights laws.
JSfirm, LLC reserves the right to terminate anyone's access to the Site, without notice.
Changes to This Agreement
JSfirm, LLC reserves the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time.  Updated Terms of Service will be posted on the Site.  Your decision to continue to visit and make use of the Site after such changes have been made constitutes your formal acceptance of the new Terms of Service.
Therefore, we ask that you check and review this Agreement for such changes on an occasional basis.  Should you not agree to any provision of this Agreement or any changes we make to this Agreement, we ask and advise that you do not use or continue to access the JSfirm.com site immediately.   
Contact Us
If you have any questions about this Agreement, please feel free to contact us at admin@jsfirm.com.
Information Collected and Stored Automatically
When you visit Site, we use automated tools to log information about each visit.  We process this information in the aggregate to determine web site performance issues, such as popular pages, most frequently downloaded forms, and other site performance characteristics.  This information does not identify you personally.
Examples of specific data we collect:
      1. The Internet domain (example: www.jsfirm.com) and the assigned Internet protocol (IP) address. 
          IP address is a number that is assigned to our computer when you are surfing the Web.
      2. The type of browser and operating system used to access our site.
      3. The date and time you access our site.
      4. The pages that are viewed, and the paths that are taken through the web site.
This aggregated log data is processed by a software tool and is kept on record. 
Geolocation services provided by KeyCDN Tools
Confidential Option
For job seekers, JSfirm, LLC has provided an option to select "I want my profile kept strictly confidential".  JSfirm, LLC in no way is responsible for an individual's information being "found" by any third party utilizing JSfirm's site.  And, JSfirm, LLC is in no way responsible for a participating candidate being terminated by their current employer due to them listing his/her information on JSfirm's web site.
Web "Cookies"
On some JSfirm web pages, "session" cookies are utilized to enhance and improve your visit.
Information Collected from E-mail and Web Forms
You can contact us by postal mail, telephone, or electronically, via an on-line form.  You can also provide information through membership programs.  Please do not send information that you would not want a third party to read.  For example, your Social Security number or credit card information that you provide to us within JSfirm, or to client/members seeking this information to respond to your queries or ad's.
Restriction of Liability
JSfirm, LLC makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of this website and expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions in the contents of this website.  No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed or statutory, including but not limited to warranties of non-infringement of third party rights, title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from computer virus, is given with respect to the contents of this website or its hyperlinks to other internet resources.  Reference in this website to any specific commercial products, processes, or services, or the use of any trade, firm or corporation name is for the information and convenience of the public, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by JSfirm, LLC.
Links to Other Websites
The Site contains a number of links to other websites and online resources that are not owned or controlled by JSfirm, LLC.
JSfirm, LLC has no control over, and therefore cannot assume responsibility for the content or general practices of any of these third-party sites and/or services.  Therefore, we strongly advise you to read the entire terms and conditions and privacy policy of any website that you visit as a result of following a link that is posted on the Site.
Site Usage
      1. General Use Rules:
            a. The Site is intended for individuals seeking employment and for employers seeking candidates for employment.  You may use the Site only for lawful purposes within the stated context of JSfirm, LLC's intended and acceptable use of the Site.  JSfirm, LLC is the sole interpreter of the Site's intended and acceptable use.
            b. You may not reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute any content on the Site, or use any content in any other way for public or commercial purpose.  This includes, but is no limited to, copying or adapting the HTML code, using or attempting to use engines, manual or automated software, tools, devices, agents, scripts, robots or other means, mechanisms or processes (including, but not limited to, browsers, spiders,
robots, avatars or intelligent agents) to navigate, search, access, scrape, crawl, or spider any content on the Site other than use of generally available third-party web browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) is strictly prohibited.
            c. JSfirm, LLC may choose to grant you a limited, terminable, non-exclusive right to access and use the Site only for your internal business use seeking candidates for employment.  This authorizes you to view and download material on the Site solely for your personal use directly related to searching for and recruiting for active job prospects only.  You may not sell, transfer or assign any of the Services or your rights to any of the Services provided by JSfirm, LLC to any third party.  JSfirm, LLC reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access and use at any time if you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions.
      2. Account Access:
            a. It is your responsibility to protect your password.  Your JSfirm, LLC account and any related services are to be accessed and used solely by you.  Upon being granted access to your JSfirm, LLC account, you may not provide your password or otherwise permit access to your account to any third party.  You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your information and password on a regular basis, and to maintain appropriate and regularly updated malware scanning and cleaning tools on your network and individual computer(s).  You are responsible for all uses of your account, whether or not authorized by you. If others use your password to use the Site, or to violate these Terms of Service, you risk losing your access to the Site.
            b. You agree to notify JSfirm, LLC immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or password.
            c. If at any time JSfirm, LLC believes that you misled JSfirm, LLC regarding your business practices and/or services, or purchased services that do not represent your precise business, JSfirm, LLC reserves the right to terminate your Agreement.
      3. Job Postings:
            a. Job postings must describe individual openings for traditional W-2 or 1099 employees.  You may not advertise multiple job openings in a single posting.
            b. JSfirm, LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or remove entirely a job posting if the job posting conflicts with the best interests of its users, detracts from the user experience or violates the Terms of Service of the Site.
            c. You may not respond to postings by others in any manner or for any purpose other than that which is expected (i.e., to apply for the job or to initiate further discussion with the candidate).  Communications soliciting the business of employers seeking candidates are prohibited.
      4. Resume Database Access:
            a. The Resume Database is to be accessed and used solely by those users who are identified and authorized by JSfirm, LLC to access the Resume Database through your account.  Each authorized user will be issued a unique Resume Database Seat through which they can access the resume database.
            b. Authorized users may not share their login credentials with any co-workers, third parties, or any other businesses or individuals.
            c. Authorized users may view or download resume one at a time up to the agreed upon amount.  Please note that the term "download" means viewing or clicking on a resume page, saving a resume to a job, printing a resume, copying a resume, emailing or forwarding a resume and/or any other action that results or could result in your use of a resume.
            d. You may not use the Resume Database in any way, in JSfirm, LLC's sole judgement, that adversely affects JSfirm, LLC's business, business prospects, the performance or function of the Site or the Resume Database or interferes with the ability of other authorized users to access the Resume Database.
            e. You may use your subscription to the Resume Database only for seeking candidates for employment with your company and are specifically prohibited from using information contained in the Resume Database to sell or promote any products or services.
            f. If you are a competitor, or a perceived competitor, of JSfirm, LLC (including, but not limited to, any job aggregation website or any job posting website) you may not use the Resume Database.
            g. JSfirm, LLC may terminate or suspend all or any part of your Resume Database access at any time at the sole discretion of JSfirm, LLC. 
       5.  Special Offers and Partnership Discounts:
            a. You may not combine any special offers or partnership discounts with any other sale, promotion, discount, and/or reduced offer. Only one discount can be applied at a time for each individual service or package purchase. Discounts cannot be used retroactively for prior purchases.
JSfirm, LLC shall have the unlimited right to use for any purpose, free of any charge, all information submitted to JSfirm via this site except those submissions made under separate legal contract.  JSfirm, LLC shall be free to use, for any purpose, any ideas, concepts, or techniques contained in information provided to JSfirm, LLC through this site.
Beta Disclaimer
A beta product is considered still in testing and is provided on an "as-is" basis and is not guaranteed to be error-free, subject to JSfirm.com Terms, Conditions, and Privacy Policy. Users agree that all JSfirm.com Beta Features will be held in strict confidentiality without prior written consent from JSfirm.com.
JSfirm.com & GDPR Compliance
JSfirm, LLC is headquartered in the United States.  Information we collect from you will be processed in the United States.  The United States has not sought nor been granted a finding of "adequacy" from the European Union under Article 45 of the GDPR.  JSfirm, LLC collects and transfers to the U.S. personal, jobseeker data only with your consent, pursuant to your acceptance of these terms and conditions.  By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you are affirming that you are 18 years of age or older, and consent to JSfirm, LLC collecting, storing, and using your personal data in the context of searching for and applying to jobs.
JSfirm, LLC and as such JSfirm.com, endeavor to provide adequate safeguards to protect the privacy and security of your personal data.  Your data will only be used in a manner consistent with the practices described in this Privacy Policy; your risk is also minimized by not collecting or storing sensitive information about you - only such information as is deemed necessary for a hiring company to make an initial assessment of your skills and for hiring companies to contact you.
Information We Collect
Information you provide to us is collected, processed, and stored
  1. Personally-identifying information, such as name, email, address, job title, and work and educational history.
  2. Other information such as social media accounts, salary information, etc.
This information is collected via voluntary collection; through your jobseeker profile, resume, applications, connected social media platforms, emails, and more.  Your continued use of the Site will be considered as consent to collect, store, and distribute this data as described in these Terms of Service.
How We Use Your Information 
To provide you with the Services and/or any other products that you request from us, to include emails, newsletters, blogs, and other marketing.  You can choose to opt out of these at any time by accessing your profile.
To carry out our obligations and enforce our rights arising from any contracts entered into between you and us, including these Terms and Conditions.
To notify you when changes or updates to the Site are available or implemented, and of any new products or services offered.
Your Rights
You have a right to correct or rectify your personal data maintained by the Site if it is inaccurate, at any time, with or without prior consent by or notification to JSfirm.com or JSfirm, LLC.  You may exercise your right to be forgotten at any time by requesting the erasure of your personal data.  You may also request the cessation of use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes.  The site will make every feasible attempt to accommodate reasonable requests for copies of retained personal data and transmit to you directly, at no cost to you.  If for any reason access is denied or the information cannot be obtained by the Site, you will be provided a written explanation as to the reason for the denial of access.
At any time, you may also request information about:
  1. The type of information collected as well as the purpose of the processing.
  2. If JSfirm, LLC has released your information to any party outside of JSfirm, LLC or JSfirm.com.
  3. How long your data will be stored. 
Questions about your personal data, your right to be forgotten, or other aspects of the Site's GDPR compliance, please contact us at jobs@jsfirm.com.
  1.  Billing for Monthly Job Advertisements (excluding advertisement packages)
    a.  All Basic Job Ads and Enhanced Job Ads may be canceled at any time after the first month and will be prorated within a 24 hour period of the day you pause/cancel.

    b.  Payments for these products or services provided on a continuous basis will be charged to your payment method on the specific date each month based on the day your job was posted.  In some cases, your payment date may change.  For example: if your payment method has not successfully settled, you change your level of service, or your payment date falls on a date that does not occur in the current month (purchased on the 31st but some months only have 30 days).   

    c.  Your first monthly payment will be charged to your payment method on the day you purchase the product.  The second payment will be charged to your payment method 2 months from the day your job is posted or it will be prorated on the day you pause/cancel your job advertisement.  All subsequent monthly payments will be charged to your payment method every month thereafter or prorated on the day you pause/cancel your job advertisement.  To pause/cancel, log into your account and from the Actions drop down, select "Pause Job".  Partial months will be prorated except for the first month of service.  

    d.  If you use a third party payment service, separate terms and conditions with such third parties may apply to your use of the site in addition to these terms.

    e.  To cancel your service, simply pause your Job Ad.  This can be done by logging into your account and from the Actions drop down select "Pause Job".

  2. Payment Methods

    a.  You authorize JSfirm, LLC to charge any payment method associated with your account in case your primary payment method is declined or no longer available for payment of your fees. You remain responsible for any uncollected amounts.  If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not pause/cancel your job advertisement, we may suspend your access to the account until we have successfully charged a valid payment method.  For some payment methods, the issuer may charge you certain fees, such as foreign transaction fees or other fees relating to the processing of your payment method.  Check with your payment method service provider for details.

  3. Updating your Payment Methods

    a.  You can update your payment method by going to the "Account" page.  We may also update your payment method using information provided by the payment service providers.  Following any update, you authorize us to continue to charge the applicable payment method(s).

  4. Refunds

    a.  Refunds (if any) are at the discretion of JSfirm.com and only in the form of advertising credit for JSfirm.com products.
Airmen Database
JSfirm, LLC cannot be held responsible or liable for the accuracy of this information. The data does not include the records of those airmen who do not want their addresses released. The information is pulled from public resources including the Federal Aviation Administration. According to the FAA, this data includes releasable address in accordance with the Aviation Investment and Reform Act for the 21st Century. It displays medical information based on the FAA’s civil Aerospace medical institute (CAMI) medical records.

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