Type of aircraft: Military HelicopterLongevity: 6 monthsType of work environment: Manufacturing SummaryAssemble composite assemblies using bonding fixture and drill fixture tooling. Familiarity with rivet installation, rivet removal, bonding, composite trim, sealant process and associated tools (riv
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Composite Technician, Mesa, AZ -MHELI-

Strom Aviation • 
Mesa, Arizona, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
Type of aircraft: Military Helicopter
Longevity: 6 months
Type of work environment: Manufacturing
  • Assemble composite assemblies using bonding fixture and drill fixture tooling. 
  • Familiarity with rivet installation, rivet removal, bonding, composite trim, sealant process and associated tools (rivet guns, rivet squeezes, drill motors, grinders, sanders). 
  • Repair of non-conforming composite parts following standard repair methods and processes. 
  • Ability to obtain required certifications in sealant application, durometer, sealant mixing, torque level 1&2.
  • Assemble, disassemble, install, test, troubleshoot, rework, complete subassemblies, components, systems, metallic and composite structures on aircraft systems by following manufacturing planning, blueprints, schematics, process specifications, engineering sketches, written and oral instructions. 
  • Use specialized tools and test equipment as well as various hand tools electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment. 
  • Inspect assemblies, component parts, and airframe structures for nonconformance. 
  • Report to manufacturing self-examination (MSE), corrective action (C/A), or manufacturing supervision on any non-conformance. 
  • Ensure all assemblies and detail parts are free of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and nonconformance issues. 
  • Check units for compliance using hand held precision measuring equipment, such as calipers, micrometers, height gages and scales. 
  • Report all non-conformances to manufacturing supervision or corrective action representative. 
  • Prepare rejection tags noting deviations from specifications on dimensions, finishes, material, processes, or quality when required. 
  • Follow all safety procedures and reports unsafe conditions to safety officials or manufacturing supervision. 
  • Report on job status and restraints to coworkers and supervision. 
  • Identify production inefficiencies and suggest potential improvements to product or process.
Job Requirements:
Tools required: YES
Years’ experience: 1-3+
License requirements: NA
Specific aircraft experience required: not specified
  • 3+ years composite experience
  • This job requires specialized vocational training and/or 1 to 3 years work related experience
Key words: Corrosion control, bonder
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: Call for details
Travel: Call for details
Job Ident #: 2130028044
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