The Common Support Equipment Technician diagnoses malfunctions andrepairs Common Support Equipment (CSE); inspects and approves completedmaintenance actions; solves repair problems by studying drawings, wiringdiagrams schematics, owner’s manual and technical publications and maintenanceactions.  The
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Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
The Common Support Equipment Technician diagnoses malfunctions and
repairs Common Support Equipment (CSE); inspects and approves completed
maintenance actions; solves repair problems by studying drawings, wiring
diagrams schematics, owner’s manual and technical publications and maintenance
actions.  The CSE Technician uses
automated maintenance data systems to monitor maintenance trends, analyze
equipment requirements, document maintenance actions, analyzes,
diagnoses, and repairs CSE using conventional and digital multi-meters,
voltmeters, ohmmeters, oscilloscopes and hand tools. The Technician performs
scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on CSE, inspects, test and operates CSE
to determine equipment serviceability and proper operation; services equipment
with oil, water, coolant, hydraulic fluid, refrigerant, compressed air, etc.;
diagnoses mechanical and electronic circuitry malfunctions using visual and
auditory senses, test equipment, and technical publications. This job also does
the following: disassembles and assembles malfunctioning CSE accessories and
components, removes, disassembles repairs, cleans, treats corrosion, assembles,
and re-installs CSE components and accessories, stencils and marks CSE, stores,
handles, labels, uses, and disposes of hazardous materials and hazardous waste,
This Technician prepares CSE for preservation and mobility deployment. The
Technician operates, cleans, inspects and services all assigned support
equipment, to include tow vehicles such Bobtails, Tow Tractors (Tug), and U-30
aircraft tow vehicle. In addition to performing inspections and maintenance.
This technician practices good housekeeping, tool control, Foreign Object
Damage prevention, and safety at all times.
Job Requirements:
Performs diagnosis and corrective actions, disassembles, inspects,
evaluates, and accomplishes necessary repairs according to
publication/technical instructions and technical directives on all required
support equipment.  Determines requirements for repairs, modifications,
and part replacements. May be required to verify work performed by another for
which he/she is qualified to perform.
Reviews, interprets, and applies the assigned maintenance manual
procedures in support of assigned maintenance actions. Applies practical
knowledge of wiring schematics and the interpretation of technical data
contained within those schematics and/or sources of maintenance data.
Must be able to adhere to and comply with all Kuwaiti Labor and
Immigration requirements.
Must be United States (U.S.) citizen, have a high school diploma or
equivalent, be able to read, write, and understand the English language.
Must be able to obtain a United States Passport. If you currently
possess a United States Passport, it must have at least 24 months of time
remaining before expiration.
Must have a minimum of five years of hands-on aviation ground support
equipment maintenance experience. A combination of formal education, technical
schools, and practical experience may be substituted.
Have a strong knowledge base of COMNAVAIRFORINST 4790.2 maintenance
manual instructions and how those instructions apply to the maintenance and
support of assigned support equipment.
Have a strong knowledge base of aviation maintenance procedures
(safety, tool control, HAZMAT, Inspection programs, Administrative
requirements, support equipment, calibration/torque procedures).
Must be willing to administrate, maintain, and manage maintenance
programs (ex. Tool Control, HAZMAT, FOD, MetCal, etc…) as required by local
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: Yes
Travel: Yes
Job Ident #: CSE
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