**Other important specifics surrounding this position: 1) Job Location:  Eglin AFB, Florida2) Starting off, the hours of this position are Sun- Thurs 2300-0800. 3) Base pay is $35.13 per hour. This position has a third shift differential of $1.15 /Hr. 4) Each employee receives an additional $240 pe

Aircraft Sheetmetal Mechanic (F-15/F-16 exp. desired)

PAE • 
Eglin AFB, Florida, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
 **Other important specifics surrounding this position:
1) Job Location:  Eglin AFB, Florida
2) Starting off, the hours of this position are Sun- Thurs 2300-0800.
3) Base pay is $35.13 per hour. This position has a third shift differential of $1.15 /Hr.
4) Each employee receives an additional $240 per week flex benefit payment to help off-set the cost of benefits. This money can be utilized any way the employee chooses.
5) This is an IAM Union position. The company contributes $3.45 per hour to the IAM National Pension Fund National Pension Plan for each day/hour or portion thereof to a maximum of forty (40) hours per work week.
Job Description:
Troubleshoots, maintains, inspects, and repairs metals, plastics, fiberglass, composites, and bonded materials. Identifies and treats corrosion on aircraft and Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) to meet structural integrity requirements. Required to perform assigned tasks within your work center that directly supports necessary functions of this job classification.
Job Requirements:
Knowledge of composition characteristics and identification of aircraft metals, tubing, cables, plastics, fiberglass, composites, bonded structures, and
honeycombs is mandatory. Knowledge of the principles and general details of aircraft structural construction and repair; sheet metal layout; shop  drawing techniques; shop mathematics; principles of cold-forming aluminum alloys and heat-forming plastic; corrosion identification and removal; cleaning metals; applying protective coatings; and mixing, storage, and use of materials is mandatory. Knowledge of technical orders and regulations and safety codes and practices is mandatory. Knowledge of the concepts of major command maintenance directives and the use and operator maintenance of aircraft structural maintenance tools, equipment, and machinery is mandatory. Knowledge of maintenance management; concepts and application of applicable maintenance directives; and the proper handling, use, and disposal of hazardous wastes and materials is mandatory. Knowledge of MIS (CAMS/IMDS) and desktop computer operations and use is mandatory. Must have working knowledge of Air Force supply procedures to look up, place orders, receive and maintain parts and materials to complete assigned work.
Completion of high school with courses in mathematics, algebra, metalworking, mechanical drawing, chemistry, and physics is desirable.
Qualification as Sheetmetal Worker is mandatory. A minimum of five years of experience performing functions, such as fabricating, repairing, assembling, or installing aircraft metals, plastics, fiberglass, composites, or honeycomb parts; corrosion identification and removal; preparing
and cleaning metals; or applying coatings and markings, is mandatory. Completion of an advanced structural maintenance course is mandatory.
Special Qualifications:
Have a minimum of four (4) years documented on-aircraft maintenance experience on the F-16 aircraft. This F-16 on-aircraft experience
must have been within the past 10 years; if the on-aircraft experience is beyond 10 years, there must be similar AF fighter aircraft experience within 10 years. SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIRED.
Salary Range: 35.13-35.13
Relocation: none
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