PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Providing:·24 hour representation for the Director of Maintenance,·Support for the operation of the company fleet,·Support for aircraft operational decisions, and·A central point of contact to coordinate aircraft maintenance by mechanics, and other authorized
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Maintenance Controller (MIAMI, FL)

World Atlantic Airlines • 
Miami, Florida, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
1. Providing:
·24 hour representation for the Director of Maintenance,
·Support for the operation of the company fleet,
·Support for aircraft operational decisions, and
·A central point of contact to coordinate aircraft maintenance by mechanics, and other authorized personnel at all locations, ensuring full compliance with policies and procedures.
2. Maintain a current listing of out of service aircraft status and provides ETIC (Estimated Time in Commission) information as required.
3. Coordinate maintenance discrepancy corrections on all operational aircraft.
4. Monitor all mechanical problems on the line, extending every effort to reduce maintenance delays to the safest minimum.
5. Remain current on manual procedures, aircraft systems and modifications, Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives and industry activities.
6. Coordinate required equipment changes with operations and dispatch.
7. Coordinate parts and manpower requirement for mechanical interruptions, engine changes and field repairs.
8. Monitor field repairs and coordinates work crews, including their travel, etc.
9. Administer and manage the (DMI) Deferred Maintenance Item program. Ensure that all work documents, Placards, and Log Book entries are complete and correct as per Federal Aviation Regulations and the General Maintenance Manual before release of the aircraft.
10. Notify the Director of Maintenance or the Director of Quality, via verbal and written reports, of unusual incidents involving any company aircraft (in-flight engine shutdowns, accidents, incidents, etc).
11. Leading, directing, training and/or approving the work of assigned Maintenance Representatives/ Supervisors and mechanics.
12. Perform additional duties as assigned by the Director of Maintenance.
13. Plan, organize, direct and control the use of manpower, materials, aircraft equipment, facilities and ground support equipment.
14. Ensure the use of the Shift Turnover Log within the department for any special work projects and adequate Turnover on any work in progress on Company aircraft. [14 CFR 121.369(b)(9)]
15. Assure adequacy, serviceability and appearance of his/her assigned equipment, facilities, and working area. In particular, he/she will ensure the work area is kept in a clean and orderly manner.
16. Ensure that company aircraft are not dispatched on a flight that will exceed inspection “Due Time” in accordance with Operation Specifications.
17. Hold the authority, to sign Airworthiness Release when the aircraft is airworthy and safe for return to service.
18. Determine from Pilot log entries and/or inspection reports if RII’s are involved and if so, confirm the annotation on the work document. [14 CFR 121.369(b)(6)]
19. Complete the DMI Status Report and have copies forwarded to the Director of Quality and Flight Operations at a time established by policy.
20. Advise line maintenance personnel of known or possible trouble items affecting inbound aircraft so that the preparatory steps for corrective action may be taken.
21. Coordinate with maintenance stations and flight crews and arrange for parts and personnel logistics including all AOG requests.
22. Report all action repetitive maintenance items to the Director of Maintenance and all respective departments.
23. Complete the Daily Mechanical Delay Summary, Repetitive Item Reports and Deferred Maintenance Items (DMI) Logs for distribution at a time established by policy.
24. Ensure that all scheduled aircraft checks have been completed.
25. Coordinate the issuing of ferry permits.
26. Coordinate movement of maintenance representatives as directed by the Director of Maintenance.
27. Perform other duties as directed by the Director of Maintenance.
28. Daily monitor engine oil consumption utilizing log page oil information.
Job Requirements:
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Ident #: World Atlantic Airlines
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