Fulltime Position with Benefits$26.63/hrFighter Engine Management Experience Required  Job DescriptionClassification Description (cut and paste from job description)Documents and maintains aircraft, engine, missiles, and munitions records. Analyzes maintenance information and requirements and develo

Maintenance Scheduler: Eglin AFB

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Eglin AFB, Florida, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Fulltime Position with Benefits
Fighter Engine Management Experience Required 
Job Description
Classification Description (cut and paste from job description)
Documents and maintains aircraft, engine, missiles, and munitions records. Analyzes maintenance information and requirements and develops visual presentations. Monitors aircraft maintenance scheduling effectiveness.
Develops plans and establishes schedules to meet mission requirements. Schedules related aircraft, components, and munitions through maintenance phases. Determines maintenance capabilities to aid in developing operational schedules. Prepares weekly, monthly, and quarterly utilization schedules for known maintenance and operational mission and training requirements. Uses automated system top schedule and monitors maintenance activities' workload. Administers work control by authorizing jobs, work priorities, and completion times.
Maintains and audits weapons systems records. Maintains historical and flight status records of weapons and support systems. Manages the aircraft configuration requirements, TCTOs, special inspections, and time-change programs and their related automated subsystems. Ensures accurate documentation of aircraft configuration, time compliance technical orders, time-change items, and special inspections. Required to perform assigned tasks within your work center that directly supports necessary functions of this job classification.
Specialty Qualifications (cut and paste from job description)
a.         Knowledge. Knowledge of operations and logistics management of aircraft, engines, and associated equipment and automated and manual procedures applying to planning, scheduling, and documenting maintenance management information systems and small computer use is mandatory. Knowledge of understanding and applying concepts of maintenance directives, aircraft configuration operational, inspection, and time-change management, delayed discrepancy, TCTOs, and engine subsystems is mandatory. Knowledge of MIS (CAMS/IMDS) and desktop computer operations and use is mandatory.
b.         Education. Completion of high school with courses in mathematics and computers is desirable. Completion of basic maintenance scheduling course is required.
c.         Experience. Qualification as a Scheduler, Maintenance is mandatory. A minimum of three years of experience performing plans, scheduling, and documentation functions is required.
Special Certifications and Qualifications required for position (as determined by Program Manager)
You must have held an Air Force maintenance management AFSC and possess the required qualifications in the attached job description. F15/F16 engine management experience a must. SECRET CLEARANCE REQUIRED.
Job Requirements:
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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