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San Antonio, Texas, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:


The MRO Production Planner is directly accountable to the Senior Manager for Planning and Production Control (MRO) for the development and maintenance of planning documents and work orders required in the MRO for maintenance, repair, and modification of aircraft and their components. 



1.            Reports directly to the Senior Manager for Planning and Production Control (MRO).

2.            Coordinate and interface with Program Manager(s), Hangar Manager, Supply Chain Management and Leads as required to develop and maintain planning budgets, timelines and work schedules.

3.            Develop and maintain master work orders and flow charts for multiple programs.

4.            Assist in developing all planning documents to reflect proper work sequence, material requirements, outside services and other pertinent data to accomplish the workscope on components or inducted aircraft.

5.            Assist in developing quotations, estimates, and proposals in support of MRO Sales.

6.            Perform direct entry of planning documents and work orders into the appropriate computer system.

7.            Coordinate aircraft status reporting with the Hangar Manager and Program Manager(s),

8.            Assist in the final preparation of invoices and assist with justifications and adjustments.

9.            By personal example, action and enforcement, is accountable for maintaining safe practices in his/her area of responsibility.

10.         Perform other related duties and training as assigned by Senior Manager.

11.         Daily attendance is an essential for this position.

Job Requirements:


BA and A&P or equivalent experience required.  Working knowledge of Lean, Theory of Constraints, and/or Program/Project Management is required. Knowledge of Aircraft related Planning & Estimating (MRO and/or Airlines) is required. Knowledge of related computer systems i.e. Microsoft Project is a plus.



Minimum of five years experience in aircraft MRO and/or airline. Knowledge of MRO/airline maintenance estimating and planning. 



Work in area mechanically heated and cooled.

Some exposure to elements of weather when traveling and/or commuting between buildings



Requires lifting of items weighing up to 25 pounds on an occasional basis

Requires physical effort associated with standing/walking/sitting.

Requires ability to twist, bend, squat, climb and/or other body movements to successfully accomplish the requirements of the position.

Requires kneeling on occasion in performance of duties.

Requires the use of either both hands for grasping items, manual dexterity is required, and the ability to push/pull, i.e.; open/close file cabinets and/or handle machinery.

Sufficient vision required to successfully accomplish the requirements of the position.

Able to properly recognize and distinguish colors.

Requires sustained periods of concentration.

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