PDS Tech, Inc. is seeking a Quality Control Inspector in San Antonio, TX. ( special access program) Summary:Implement quality control and safety plans to ensure compliance with contract specifications and applicable regulations.Inspect all phases of a variety of goods, services, or operations for co

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San Antonio, Texas, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
PDS Tech, Inc. is seeking a Quality Control Inspector in San Antonio, TX. ( special access program)
Summary:Implement quality control and safety plans to ensure compliance with contract specifications and applicable regulations.Inspect all phases of a variety of goods, services, or operations for conformity to established quality, health and safety, and other operational standards by providing on-going surveillance and review of work performed on products for compliance with contractual provisions.Verify conformance to engineering requirements, and document results of Inspections per established procedures.Ensure all services listed on the performance requirement summary are performed in a satisfactory manner.Work independently, and in a Team environment, toward achieving continuous improvement on the job by devising new methods of performing assigned duties to meet new and changing work conditions.Duties include:In-process, final, and functional inspection for fit, alignment and conformance with applicable drawings, specification, quality standards, and manufacturing plan.Ensure that appropriate revisions of drawings and other documents are being used.Verify all paperwork and online systems (e.g., Work Plan, Test Inspection records, nonconformance items) are complete, accurate and up to date.Inspect and verify all systems are ready for functional tests Witness or verify operational/functional test of aircraft systems and components, as required, per engineering requirements and operating procedures.Use automated test equipment (ATE), as required.Determine if operational and/or functional testing is required after rework, repair or replacement of system components.Coordinate with engineering, as required.Inspect electrical assemblies (e.g., installation, crimping, termination, routing).Inspect completed assembly jobs and review workmanship, dimensions and locations, and ensure all parts/assemblies have been installed per the drawing, specification and plan using applicable mathematical calculations and precision measuring tools.Identify and document discrepancies and report as necessary.Reject discrepant assemblies or installations, as required.Note discrepant condition(s)/ location(s) and the correct configuration of the assembly or installation, citing drawing, or plan requirements.Record results and route to appropriate group for processing, as required.Indicate QA acceptance on the appropriate paperwork and/or on- line systems and process the paperwork/systems as required per appropriate procedures and policies.Verify, record, and reinspect removals/reinstallations of parts/assemblies.Perform line checks to investigate whether rejectable condition exists on other airplanes, as required.Audit manufacturing and inspection processes, as required.Ensure certifications of tools, test equipment and personnel are current.Perform inspections on behalf of Customers and consult production, engineering, planning, etc on process or job related issues, as required.Prepare conformity packages for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspections as required.Must be able to achieve an MRB certification/Red X qualification as required.Must have Leadership ability and be willing to accept a Team-Lead role as required.Work with other employees to improve functions, methods, and procedures.Provide mentoring and on the job training to level one inspectors as required.Areas of Responsibility:Perform structural inspection of aircraft and aircraft components to include fastener removals/installations, panel removals/installations overall serviceability of structural components, and corrosion control.Inspection of all Aircraft Electrical, Mechanical and avionics systems installations as well as ability to observe engineering test and operational checks are required.Inspect wire bundles, electrical and electronic components for proper removal and installation in aircraft. Inspection of all Mechanical systems installations.Use a variety of inspection aids, and precision testing and measurement equipment such as ohmmeters, multi-meters, flashlights and mirrors, calipers, feeler gauges, scales, ball gauges, and micrometers necessary to determine proper adjustment and operation of aircraft systems.Prepare documents incidental to the accomplishment of inspection assignments.Document maintenance & repair actions, equipment status tags, logs, parts requests, etc.Perform assigned duties while wearing required safety equipment.Perform assigned duties on all shifts without encumbrances due to weather or physical location and conditions.Ensure compliance with all rules and regulations concerning health, safety, tool control, FOD, housekeeping, inventory control and other pertinent coverages. Perform other duties as directed by supervision and management for the benefit of the company, program, and employee(s).
Job Requirements:
Skill Requirements:Considerable initiative, ingenuity and judgment is required to perform a variety of basic visual, dimensional, operational, system, structural, functional, and safety inspections.Must have the technical ability to read and interpret specifications, tech data, and engineering drawings, and the ability to work on both military and commercial aircraft.Must have basic computer proficiency in maintenance data collection systems, and the ability to pass a skills assessment test.Education:High School Diploma or Equivalent.
PDS Tech, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information, or other legally protected status.
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PDS specializes in Engineering and IT arenas including Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Telecommunications, Automotive, and Energy just to name a few. Our reputation, track record, and years of continuous growth reflect the commitment to quality that our employees and clients experience first-hand.
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Salary Range: $35.00-$40.00
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