Duties and Responsibilities: Scope: Provides general direction and management of day-to-day activities of the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport ("Airport"), including safety and security, aircraft rescue and fire control, airside federal requirements, ground transportation and traffic flo
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Airport Manager

Bowling Green Warren County Regional Airport • 
Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Duties and Responsibilities:
Scope: Provides general direction and management of day-to-day activities of the Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport ("Airport"), including safety and security, aircraft rescue and fire control, airside federal requirements, ground transportation and traffic flow, and customer service.
The Airport Manager has the following duties and responsibilities: 
  1. Establishes, operates and enforces Standard Operating Procedures for Airport.
  2. Issues NOTAMS effecting airfield operations with contact to Federal Aviation Administration and Flight Service Station.
  3. Conducts daily airfield inspections, reporting discrepancies to appropriate parties for corrective action, i.e., Facilities Maintenance and Federal Aviation Administration. 
  4. Conducts safety inspections of the Airport; including all facilities directly related to safe operation of the Airport whenever required by circumstances pertinent to construction, rapidly changing meteorological conditions, any incident or accident, and any other unusual conditions at the Airport.
  5. Maintains appropriate procedures for identifying, assessing, and disseminating information to Airport users and tenants concerning conditions on and in the vicinity of the Airport that affect, or may affect the safe operation of aircraft.
  6. Maintains appropriate procedures to identify , mark and light utilities, construction and pavement areas.
  7. Maintains sufficient personnel to comply with the approved Airport certification manual.
  8. Develops policies and procedures necessary to allow Operations personnel to perform their duties and responsibilities.
  9. Makes studies and collects data for improving ideas and operating methods directly affecting the operation of the Airport.
  10. Implements procedures to meet standards set forth in Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 139.
  11. Maintains appropriate procedures and arrangements for the safe and orderly operation of ground vehicles on air operations ares, maintaining a system of radios capable of two-way communications between the FSS and all ground vehicles operating on all runways and taxiways.
  12. Establishes instructions and procedures for the prevention or removal of factors on the Airport which attract, or may attract birds.
  13. Develops and maintains plans and procedures for snow removal.
  14. Develops plans and works to improve procedures fro aircraft recovery operations, detailing prearranged agreements, equipment and coordination for the expeditious removal of disabled aircraft from Airport operating areas.
  15. Oversees a network of ground transportation facilities including parking, courtesy cars, rental cars, limousines, taxicabs, enforcing established rules and regulations therefor.
  16. Maintains adequate controls and procedures to protect property and persons on the Airport during the handling and storing of hazardous articles and substances.
  17. Provides for required fire fighting and rescue equipment and service as prescribed in applicable FAR's.
  18. Maintains appropriate safeguards against entry of unauthorized persons or animals onto any Airport operational areas.
  19. Maintains an Airport Certification Manual in accordance with the requirements stated in FAR Part 139.
  20. Maintains an Emergency Plan that insures prompt response to all emergencies and other unusual conditions in order to minimize the possibility and extent of personnel and property damage on the airport.
    1. Aircraft incidents and accidents
    2. Bomb incident procedures
    3. Structural fires
    4. Natural disasters
    5. Sabotage
    6. Radiological incidents
    7. Medical Services
    8. Crowd control, and
    9. Hijack incidents/command post/ crises center
  21. Coordinates Emergency Plan with law enforcement, fires fighting and rescue agencies, medical services and principal tenants of the Airport.
  22. Establishes on-the-job training programs for all Airport personnel.
  23. Assists in coordination and preparation of new, and/or existing leases and the review of new construction projects to insure the following: 
    1. Vehicle, passenger, or aircraft flow is not impeded; 
    2. FAA and Airport Standard Operating Procedures are compiled with; 
    3. Proposed activities do not have adverse safety or operational effect on other tenants.
  24. Administers quality assurance of contracts and leas agreements to ensure quality of services to Airport users
  25. Establishes procedures governing updating, developing and maintaining the Airport safety program, i.e. employee training, self inspection, and accident/incident reporting and investigation.
  26. Notifies FAA and other concerned agencies when conditions warrant amendments to existing programs.
  27. Controls and manages all general aviation activities and fixed base operations associated with the Airport.
The Airport Manager reports directly to the Airport Board. He may delegate some of the duties mentioned above, but he is responsible to supervise delegatees, and has final responsibility to the Board of Directors for any activities delegated. The Airport Manager serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors; and his employment is terminable at the will  of the Airport Board.
The Airport Manager examines the organization, activity and responsibilities of the other divisions an/pr departments of the Airport which influence or interact with activities which are direct or indirect functions of operations. He shall seek constantly to improve all aspects of Airport Operations.
The Airport Manager works jointly with other divisions and/or departments to bring about constructive and beneficial changes for efficient operation of the Airport.
The Airport Manager participates in the development and compliance of Standard Operating Procedures (interdepartmental and intradepartmental policies and procedures).
Human Sources
The airport Manger coordinates, recommends and complies with published directives, regulations, etc. of the following functions:
a) Human Resources
b) Finance
c) Properties
d) Purchasing
e) Communications
f) Engineering and facilities
g) Planning
h) All landslide activities
i) All airside activities
j) All other activities 
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