The Director of Aerial Operations (DAO) is responsible for the administration of rules, regulations, and policies established by the Board of Commissioners and administered by the Executive Director. The DAO plans and supervises flight and aircraft maintenance personnel in the District’s aerial oper

Director of Aerial Operations

Florida Keys Mosquito Control District • 
Marathon, Florida, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:

The Director of Aerial Operations (DAO) is responsible for the administration of rules, regulations, and policies established by the Board of Commissioners and administered by the Executive Director. The DAO plans and supervises flight and aircraft maintenance personnel in the District’s aerial operations and aircraft/airport facilities in the Middle Keys area as set forth in the Districts operational and procedures guide.

Reporting Responsibilities: 

The DAO reports to the Executive Director or Designee.

Working Conditions:

The DAO will be exposed to both inside and outside environmental conditions, noise, vibration, close proximity to moving parts, working in high places, exposure to chemicals, fumes, odors, and oils and may be required to wear a respirator. This position is such that the person filling it will be expected to perform heavy work from time to time (exerting up to 50 lbs. of force frequently to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects).

Essential Functions (Without Accommodations): 

  • Responsible for the direct supervision of the Chief Pilot, Director of Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Support Technician, aircraft facilities and landing
  • Works closely with the Chief Pilot and Director of Aircraft Maintenance to draft and submit annual plans and budget for aviation, fleet and facility
  • Conduct regular mission briefs with aerial operations personnel for assignments.
  • Manages the administration of the aerial operating budget including approving requests for equipment, vehicles and materials concerning the aerial
  • Oversees the implementation of aviation safety, trainings, standards, evaluations and projects, including Flight Operations Manual, Check Flight Manual and SMS manual.
  • Oversee the management of the aircraft, aircraft maintenance, aircraft storage facilities, and Marathon Office Building.
  • Works closely with the Executive Director on future aviation equipment
  • Works closely with the F.A.A. and other external partners, as needed, to maintain good relations and/or compliance with regulations
  • Participates in the development of contracts, submission of bids and selection of contractors, projects as assigned by the Executive Director and assist in implementing future planning (e.g. 3 year plan).
  • Communicate with the public in a professional and courteous manner and refer all inquiries outside of area of expertise back to the appropriate person at the District
  • Ensures that all team members of the Aviation and Aircraft maintenance departments follow all Districts Safety policies and procedures and comply with all local, state and federal regulations at all times
  • Coordinates the mixing and loading of insecticides formulations for aerial spray
  • Responsible for the proper storage and handling of insecticides and petroleum products used for aerial operations.
  • Prepares and keeps aerial operation records and employee work records such as daily time, and aerial larviciding and adulticiding
  • Supervises and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of all aerial operations in collaboration with the Director of
  • Supervises and acts as flight dispatch during aerial spray missions to coordinate with personnel changes in mission, weather conditions, etc…
  • Responsible for maintaining adequate inventory levels of all abatement materials used by aerial
  • Assists in maintaining weather watch to minimize damage by severe weather and assists in securing vehicles, aircraft, equipment and buildings located at the Marathon
  • Coordinates the maintenance of the grounds and building for the Marathon
  • Responsible for maintaining all aerial personnel and equipment in the Middle Keys in a constant state of readiness.
  • Coordinate with District emergency management personnel pre- and post-storm, arrange for the evacuation of assets and return to District, and assist in implementation of hurricane plan.
  • Maintain and coordinate hazmat response readiness.
  • Ensure compliance with all Federal and State Laws and District policies regarding health


Since our organization is going to change to meet the needs of public health, environmental conservation, and the District’s mission, you can expect, anticipate, and assume that your job description will change to meet these challenges.

Job Requirements:


  • Knowledge of helicopter and fixed winged aircraft and required maintenance Knowledge of all FAA rules and regulations,
  • Knowledge of Budgeting Management, Knowledge of Inventory Management,
  • Experience and Knowledge of Logistics and mission support and planning.

Abilities & Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Ability to direct, supervise and evaluate the work of subordinates. Excellent communication skills,
  • Ability to initiate/manage cross-functional teams,
  • Result oriented, ability to achieve the target/goal within a given time frame, Effective conflict resolution,
  • Ability to plan, prioritize, schedule, and organize multiple tasks simultaneously,
  • Proficient in use of common business software applications.

Education, Training, & Experience

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management or General Science or closely related fields from an accredited college or university and/or an equivalent combination of experience, knowledge and/or training.
  • Must have at least five years of management/ experience in aviation. Must be able to be on-call for emergency situations as needed.
  • Must have the ability to operate computer including proficiency in Microsoft Office and have the ability to learn and operate internal programs including GIS systems and databases.
  • Must have a valid FL Class E Driver’s License with a clean driving record.
  • Must pass and maintain CORE, Public Health, and Aerial Applicators license within 12 months of hire and be able to maintain certification by earning appropriate CEU’s (continuing education units).
  • Must hold a “40-Hour Hazmat / Health and Safety Training Certificate” in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 (e) (3) (I), or able to obtain within one year

Preferred Qualifications 


  • Knowledge of mosquito biology.
  • Knowledge of Integrated Mosquito Management.
  • Knowledge of all commonly used control agents employed for both larvae and adults. Knowledge of all dispersal equipment utilized for the application of control agents.
  • Knowledge of mosquito control principles, practices, insecticides, and operations of ground and aircraft equipment used for larviciding and adulticiding.
  • Knowledge of all FAA rules and regulations as they pertain to mosquito control operations and operation of public use and certificated aircraft.
  • Knowledge of aviation safety management systems, risk analysis and risk mitigation development
Salary Range: 85,000-100,000
Relocation: NEG
Travel: YES
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