Purpose: The ODA Administrator is responsible for the administration of the Citadel ODA Office under FAA Order 8100-15B and in accordance with the Citadel ODA Procedures Manual. The position holds regulatory responsibility for all Citadel ODA STC development projects, STC Amendments, Minor Changes,
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ODA Administrator

Citadel Completions LLC • 
Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
The ODA Administrator is responsible for the administration of the Citadel ODA Office under FAA Order 8100-15B and in accordance with the Citadel ODA Procedures Manual.
The position holds regulatory responsibility for all Citadel ODA STC development projects, STC Amendments, Minor Changes, Validations, and is the Citadel ODA primary point of contact with the FAA-ACO. The Administrator coordinates the regulatory activities of the ODA and manages the ODA Unit Members and Unit Members. Additionally, the Administrator is responsible for preparing and issuing quarterly reports to the ACO and conducting/ hosting annual audits, as outlined in the ODA Procedures Manual.
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Lead the effort to establish new ODA Office, including the development and maintenance of a company ODA Procedures Manual.
  • Review new company projects and assists Sales, Planning and Engineering Leadership with project estimation.
  • Provide Certification management oversight for ODA projects.Assuring compliance with FAA regulations, policy, guidance, and directives.
  • Provide leadership to the ODA administrator(s), if required, including overall certificate management and oversight of the STC ODA Unit. This includes guidance in the form of White Papers, etc., documenting the preferred methodology that the ODA Unit and Unit Members will follow in finding compliance with regulations and guidance material.
  • Facilitate communication between the FAA, STC ODA administrator(s) and the appropriate Unit Members on technical and certification issues.
  • Coordinate with Unit members to determine whether projects meet Major/Minor criteria and participates in defining the Project substantiation and FAR compliance requirements.
  • Provide leadership and mentorship to Unit Members, Certification engineers to derive standards to maximize the ODA authority.
  • Responsible for ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget, and for fostering a "Right First Time" culture to keep certification costs to a minimum.
  • Coordinate/ manages internal audits, and ensures all UMs are trained and certified, and that records are maintained per the ODA Procedures Manual.Manage the performance of all authorized functions, including implementation of corrective action for deficiencies identified by self-audit and the OMT.
  • Responsible for managing the ODA Procedures Manual and Unit Member Listing revisions.
  • Assemble, check, approves, and submits STC packages, validation requests, etc.
  • Maintain records of training, qualifications are current for each ODA unit member.Organize company-provided ODA training for ODA Unit Members and UM applicants.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Organizational Expectations:
  • Strive for continuous process improvements and increasing efficiencies in execution and delivery with safety as a priority.
  • Deal with Customers in a cordial, respectful and professional manner, and to see to it that all personnel behave accordingly.
  • Lead by example at all times; through professional behavior, integrity, commitment to the company and compliance with its policies.
  • Ensure the highest quality service, safety standards and performance, with the objective of exceeding customer satisfaction in the re-delivery of airworthy, reliable and clean aircraft, in a timely manner.
Job Requirements:
  • At least five years of working experience with the FAA on STC projects similar to those authorized under the ODA. This experience must include various levels of technical airworthiness responsibilities and experience (for example, compliance engineer, quality assurance inspector, manufacturing inspector, or airworthiness inspector), and management experience in one or more technical disciplines (such as, engineering, manufacturing, airworthiness, maintenance, or quality assurance).
  • Comprehensive knowledge of FAA regulations, policies, and procedures applicable to the ODA functions.
  • Demonstrated sound judgment and integrity.
  • Sufficient technical knowledge, training, skill, and experience to administer cabin interior integration, avionics integration, and structural modification STCs for fixed wing aircraft.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of, and proficiencies in; the Federal Aviation Administration regulations, procedures and requirements as applicable to aircraft avionics and cabin systems.
  • Demonstrated knowledge in one of the following technical disciplines; electrical engineering/avionics, mechanical engineering/structures, aerospace engineering.Must be able to effectively communicate with technical teams.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Business Administration and 6+ years of direct experience leading Engineering Design/ Certification teams accomplishing STC projects.
  • Current appointment as an FAA Management DER.
  • Experience with Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Job Ident #: Citadel Completions
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