Company OverviewMetrea is a defense company dedicated to translating commercial innovation into solutions for national security. With deep mission expertise, Metrea focuses on delivering effects as-a-service, through a commercial subscription model, across 5 different mission verticals. Metrea Manag

UH60A Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor

Metrea Aviation Management • 
Tirana, Tirana, Albania
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:

Company Overview
Metrea is a defense company dedicated to translating commercial innovation into solutions for national security. With deep mission expertise, Metrea focuses on delivering effects as-a-service, through a commercial subscription model, across 5 different mission verticals. Metrea Management oversees 9 global business units via Operations, Strategy, Legal, and Finance teams. 


Metrea Special Aerospace -Vertical Applications (MSA-VA) [Formerly Special Applications Group (SAG)] is seeking experienced UH-60A Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor (APS) for the SATMO UH-60A TAFT program located at the Farka Airbase, Albania.   

MSA-VA is a values-based, professional, service and aviation orientated business with access, currency, and relevance throughout the Department of Defense and Homeland Security communities. We have an unmatched blend of military, special operations, aviation, homeland security and other specialists who bring responsive, tailored services and products to dynamic organizations.

MSA-VA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, disability, or national origin.

Position Summary 

UH-60A Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor (APS): This is not a flying position. The APS shall conduct training (including classroom academics and hands-on demonstration) to Albanian Air Force maintenance personnel with focus on the skills of a U.S. Army 15D30 Aircraft Powertrain Repairer. The APA trains, advises, and assists in inspections, repairs and maintenance according to drawings, blueprints, directives, technical manuals, and safety procedures on aircraft powertrain systems to include the lubrication of required components and the removal and installation of aircraft subsystems such as main and tail rotor hub assemblies. Prepares aircraft related maintenance forms and records. APA must have special emphasis on Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant/ Magnetic Particle Inspections, and Level II/III NDI/NDT qualified.

Essential Functions Statements 

  • Background: The Albanian Air Force has purchased two (2) UH-60A Utility Helicopters as part of their Air Force Aviation modernization. The delivery schedule is currently projected to have two (2) UH-60A delivered in August of 2023. The UH-60A company is similar in size to a platoon in the US Army UH-60A Utility Company once fully fielded with future procurements. Albanian Air Force currently has four (4) AS352 Cougars as their primary means of search and rescue (SAR) and troop transport. They are also equipped with two (2) EC-145 and two (2) Bell 206. They have experienced Pilots with SAR; however, they do lack expertise and experience with UH-60A operations and maintenance. To address this capability gap, the US Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization (USA-SATMO) has a requirement to provide a Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT); to provide initial and ongoing training to the Albanian Air) Force, between 15 September 2023 to 14 August 2024; with one option year of performance from 15 August 2024 to 14 August 2025. The option year will be exercised with the reduction of two personnel. This requirement is for continuous support that will provide informal UH-60A training and provide required UH-60A specific skills, knowledge, and experience to assist Albanian Air Force in further building their organic capabilities with the goal of making this capacity self-sustaining by the end of the period of performance (POP). Albania may elect to continue training services for an additional three (3) more option years provided there is funding. Albanian Air Force Soldiers will have attended U.S. based training coordinated by Security Assistance Training Field Activity and the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) entailing U.S. equivalent Military Occupational Specialty training. 
  • Scope: The TAFT mission will be focused on providing appropriate training to the Albanian Air Force on the proper operation and maintenance of the aircraft that will comprise the Albanian Air Force UH-60A Blackhawk Utility Company. The goal of 100 of available pilots to achieve Readiness Level 1, 30 of available Albanian Air Force Maintainers to achieve 30 Level standards with the rest to achieve a minimum of Level Standards, and 100 of 30 Level Albanian Air Force maintainers to achieve Technical Inspector training. Training records will be maintained and documented to track progression. TAFT operations will primarily be conducted at the Farka, Airbase, Albania, but the TAFT Team may occasionally be required to operate at other locations in Albania on a temporary basis. Long-duration changes to the duty location are not anticipated and would require Contracting Officer (KO) approval. A force protection and operational risk assessment will be completed for applicability and scope. In essence, all events that the TAFT may support must be classified as training opportunities to Albanian Air Force and not operational in nature.  
  • Objectives: The overall UH-60A TAFT objective is to assist Albanian Air Force in building a mission-ready UH-60A Utility Helicopter Company with appropriately trained instructor pilots maintenance test pilots and maintenance support personal capable of supporting its primary mission of Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting Capabilities, and Transport. This is not an Aircraft qualification course. The long-term objective of this training is to develop an organic training capability within the Albanian Air Force to allow long term sustainment of this force. The purpose of the TAFT is to continue to build Albanian Air Force capacity and expertise. TAFT initial capabilities evaluations are derived from standards outlined in the aircrew training manual. As a reference to support in-country informal and formal training, the TAFT will acquire approved training materials based on TRADOC/Ft. Rucker Program of Instructions (POIs) and equipment manuals released that have been authorized for release to the Albanian Air Force.
  • Objective 1: The TAFT will conduct a progressive academic, hands-on, and inflight UH-60A training that includes tactical employment for Albanian Air Force pilots. Albanian Air Force aviators should be advised/trained in all modes of flight with special emphasis and development on SAR and firefighting, to support the primary mission of the Albania UH-60A program. The program shall provide for a logical progression for an UH-60A qualified Albanian Air Force Pilot to gain the skills required for safe low-level and high-altitude flight under day, night, and Night Vision Goggles conditions. The primary focus of this objective is to establish nine (9) personnel with the equivalent Readiness Level IAW with the applicable POI and doctrine. 
  • Objective 2: The TAFT will conduct a progressive academic, hands on, and inflight UH-60A Instructor Pilot certification. The TAFT will advise and assist Albanian Air Force to establish an effective UH-60A standardization, training, and sustainment program. The TAFT shall train and mentor Albanian Air Force personnel on becoming trained instructor pilots who are capable of using appropriate training methods to assist in the progression flights of the qualified Albanian Air Force Aviators. The TAFT shall train Albanian Air Force Instructor Pilots with the ability to continue the UH-60A training programs after TAFT mission completion. Albanian Instructor pilots will have completed a formal Instructor Course at the Western Army Aviation Training Site (WAATS).
  • Objective 3: The TAFT will provide, and train Maintenance Test Pilot support of test flights and maintenance ground runs as Albanian Air Force assumes responsibility for UH-60A maintenance. The TAFT shall mentor Albanian Air Force future maintenance test pilots prior to going to WAATS UH-60A Maintenance Test Pilot Course. The TAFT shall perform Technical Inspector (TI) and Production Control duties of the maintenance being performed by Albanian Air Force as the Albanian Air Force maintainers lack the UH-60A specific expertise and experience to safely perform Technical Inspector duties. The TAFT shall provide over the shoulder training and hands on training to maintenance personnel on all UH-60A related maintenance tasks. Perform additional informal maintenance training of Albanian Air Force personnel as they perform daily maintenance and scheduled inspections. The TAFT shall train and advise Albanian Air Force on maintenance records, forms, and logbook tracking. The TAFT will ensure that maintenance is conducted IAW the standing Air Worthiness Release (AWR)..
  • Objective 4: The TAFT will advise and assist Albanian Air Force to establish an effective UH-60A related logistics, sustainment, Aircrew Life Support Equipment (ALSE), and Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment (AGSE). The TAFT shall perform and train Albanian Air Force on Air Crew Duties and develop trained and proficient Flight Instructors (FI).
  • Objective 5: The TAFT will support the development of Albanian Air Force Standard Operating procedures for UH-60A handling, transportation, associated training, and administrative support.


Competency Statements

  • Must be competent and experienced as a UH-60A Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor (APS).


Supervisory Responsibility
This role has no administrative supervisory responsibilities. 


Work Environment
This job operates in an administrative aviation, clerical, office, and Flight Line setting.  This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines. This job requires academic, flight line and ground instructor pilot duties and aviation flight.

Physical Demands
This is an active aviation flight role; aviation flight physical abilities are required. 

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work
This is a full-time position. The TAFT personnel are authorized to perform the following roles: Instructor Pilot/Pilot in Command duties, Maintenance Test Pilot (MTP), Standardization Instructor (SI) duties, Maintenance Supervisor, TI duties, throughout the PoP.   Primarily the contractor shall be responsible for providing services, between the hours of 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Albanian local time, Monday through Friday, except holidays or when the Albanian government facility is closed due to local or national emergencies, administrative closings or similar government directed facility closings. These hours are subject to change within reason between the United States Government, Contracting Office, Contractor, and Albanian Government. To accommodate nighttime flights, the contractor may establish shift work hours to accommodate mission schedule requirements. The contractor shall at all times maintain an adequate workforce for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks defined within this PWS when the government facility is not closed for the above reasons. No overtime (OT) is authorized. Contractor personnel shall not exceed a 40-hour workweek without COR notification and approval; flexible work schedule may be considered.

TAFT personnel are prohibited from participating in any combat or combat-related mission. TAFT personnel are also PROHIBITED from participating in any operational missions of any kind except as may be required in the conduct of on-the-job training in the operation and maintenance of equipment or supporting systems.  All requests and/or participation in operational missions will be discussed with the COR prior to performing and the details shall be included in the contractor’s monthly reports to the COR.

TAFT personnel are PROHIBITED from participating in any flying exhibition on AAF aircraft, unless providing instruction or training to an AAF pilot during such events. All requests and/or participation in the flying exhibition will be discussed with the COR prior to performing and the details shall be included in the contractor’s monthly reports to the COR.

Ramp-up Period (included in Base Period): 15 August 2023 – 15 September 2023The Contractor shall have 40-calendar days prior to scheduled deployment to complete preparations for the TAFT mission. This period will include training development, pre-deployment site survey, medical assessment, all administration, and the Foreign Area Counter Terrorism course at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. During the Ramp-up, the Contractor will complete CONUS hiring and pre-deployment actions in addition to development of the training material. The Contractor shall also have a 14-calendar day Phase out Period in Albania to close out TAFT actions and permit an effective handover or termination of TAFT responsibilities.

Foreign Area Counter Terrorism (FACT) Course (seven (7) calendar days within the Ramp-up / Phase -In Period). The Contractor shall report to Building C3832, Ardennes St location may be selected at the discretion of the COR.  It is the Contractor’s responsibility to coordinate. With SATMO, Fort Bragg, NC to attend the FACT course after training development and immediately prior to deploying. FACT Training will not be a requirement for current members of the TAFT members already cleared for EUCOM Theater of Operations.

Base Year PoP (six (6) person team): 15 September 2023 – 14 August 2024. The Base year team will consist of one (1) Standardization Instructor Pilot, one (1) MTP/ME, one (1) Maintenance Supervisor with TI authority, one (1) Aircraft Maintenance Adviser Standardization Instructor, one (1) Aircraft Components Repair Supervisor, and one (1) Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor.

Option Year (reduced to four (4) person team): 15 August 2024 – 14 August 2025. The Option-Year team will consist of one (1) Standardization Instructor Pilot, one (1) MTP and one (1) Maintenance Supervisor with TI authority, and one (1) Aircraft Components Repair Supervisor.

Phase-Out Period: The Contractor shall also have a 14-calendar day Phase out Period in Albania to close out TAFT actions and permit an effective handover or termination of TAFT responsibilities. By completing training, closing out leases/ life support arrangements, transferring equipment to the GoA, and preparing after action comments; and for personnel to re-deploy to CONUS and present the After-Action Review report to USA-SATMO. 

Facility Location:  

• The work performed under this contract will primarily be in Albania and will take place primarily at Farka Airbase, with potential alternate locations or other posts the Albanian Air Force requires as per approval by KO / COR. Pre-deployment and post-deployment performance shall be accomplished at CONUS locations.

• Travel requirements are: Generally, None. However, TDY by exception with COR Approval and Funding 
Required Education, Experience and Certificates

Education: High School Diploma  
Experience:  UH-60A Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor (APS)

  • Must have previous previously qualified as an Aviation Aircraft Powertrain Repair Supervisor (15D). The APA shall meet or exceed the following minimum qualifications:
  • Must have, at least, five (5) years ‘experience conducting and supervising US Army Aviation 15D powertrain maintenance programs.
  • Must be Level II/III NDI/NDT qualified.
  • Must have training and qualifications with Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant/ Magnetic Particle Inspections.
  • Must have, at least (5) years combined with aviation quality control/ production control experience.
  • Must be capable of providing expert-level technical mentorship to Albanian Air Force UH-60A Squadron Senior Leaders, Engineering Officers, and Senior Maintenance Technicians.
  • Previous Security Assistance Team experience is desired.
  • Flight time and operational experience will be considered to meet experience stated above based on a records review by the GFR IAW DCMA INST 8210-1D.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Train/Assist Albanian Air Force with removal and replacement of powertrain quills, transmission
  • adapting parts, rotary wing hub and tanks
  • Train/ assist with disassembly of friction dampers and hangar assemblies.
  • Train/assist with disassembly, repairs, adjustments, balances, and alignments of powertrain components systems and subsystems
  • Train/assist with NDI components.
  • All Contractors must be able to conduct effective classroom and non-classroom formal and informal training to AAF in their areas of expertise.
  • Contractor personnel performing work under this contract shall be able to read, write, speak, and understand the English language to effectively carry out all requirements associated with this PWS. They shall have a command of both the written and spoken English language to properly, clearly, and effectively communicate in person or via electronic devices (telephone or Email) with co-workers, customers, and the public.
  • Anti-Terrorism Program for Contractor Personnel Traveling Overseas. US based contractor employees shall complete JS-US007-14 - Level I Antiterrorism Awareness Training Course prior to travelling to Kuwait. The training is available at:  IAW PARC Policy Alert 14-33, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12).
  • OPSEC Training. Per AR 530-1, Operations Security, new contract employees shall complete Level I OPSEC training within 60 calendar days of their reporting for duty and annually thereafter.  
  • Theater Clearance: The Contractor will meet all requirements for travel to Albania listed in the Electronic Foreign Clearance Guide ( ) for all TAFT and company personnel. The Contractor will request Theater Clearance via the Aircraft and Personnel Automated Clearance System (APACS),  . Travel Tracker/Individual Antiterrorism Plan (TT/IAP) is not required for US Army Personnel or US Army Contractors. 

Certificates and Licenses: 

  • Qualified as an UH-60A Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor (APS) in the respective aircraft and have documented five years of experience as a Maintenance Advisor.
  • UH-60A Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor (APS) must be qualified to perform aviation-training tasks IAW DCMA INST 8210.1D.
  • Qualifications shall be made available to the COR upon request.
  • Prior experience training or operating with Army Aviation (or Military Equivalent).
  • Secret security clearance.
  • Valid Driver’s License 
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Computer Skills: Microsoft Outlook Suite Products
Comply with the command&39;s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for Government owned IS and sign an AUP prior to or upon account activation.

Complete initial and/or annual Information Assurance (IA) training as defined in the IA Best Business Practices (BBP) training ).

Preferred Education, Experience and Certificates
Education: High School Diploma  

Experience: Minimum of 5 years related job experience 

• Prefer some experience teaching courses at USA-ACE.


Certificates and Licenses:

•  See Above


Computer Skills: Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite Products  
Additional Eligibility Qualifications
Must be able to accomplish all duties with little or no assistance.
Must have good command of the English language; oral and written.

Qualified as an UH-60A Aircraft Powertrain Supervisor (APS)

Qualifications shall be made available to the COR upon request.

Medical Requirements: The contractor shall have a doctor’s certification letter stating that the individual is medically and emotionally fit for deployment and performance of the Security Assistance Team (SAT) mission under potentially austere, physically demanding, and stressful working conditions. This certification must state that the medical doctor has found no reasonably disqualifying factor during his interview, exam, and review of the SAT member’s medical history that would prevent the team member’s deployment.

  • Current Physical (within 12 months of deployment) including appropriate FAA Medical Certification, when required.
  • HIV testing. Personnel shall be tested, and present proof of a negative HIV test result performed within six months of deployment.
  • All immunizations required for U.S. personnel deploying to host nation must be complete, or current. Contractor is responsible for cost. A list of mandatory and recommended vaccines can be found on the Center for Disease Control website at  .
  • COVID/Other Pandemic Requirements. All contractor personnel must have received full COVID vaccination and provide vaccination documentation to the COR prior to FACT attendance. Personnel may be required to obtain a negative COVID test to be eligible for OCONUS movement and employment.  The Contractor is responsible for any COVID related costs.
  • Employee must have all prescription medications and any required over-the-counter medications that may have limited in country or online availability in adequate supply to cover the planned duration of the SAT mission.

Work Authorization/Security Clearance
Employee must be a US citizen

Employee must be able to hold and maintain a Secret (or higher) Clearance Level.  Security Requirements: In the performance of this contract, All TAFT members are required to have SECRET security clearances prior to deploying. The security requirements will be in accordance with a DD254, when applicable.

Common Access Card and Badging.  All Contractor personnel performing work under this contract shall obtain a Department of Defense (DoD) Common Access Card (CAC).
Employee shall comply with applicable installation, facility and area commander installation/facility access and local security policies and procedures (provided by government representative).

HSPD-12 Background Investigation requirements met to ensure Common Access Cards (CACs) are obtained by all contract or subcontract personnel assigned to work on the Government site. Deviations can be approved by KO/COR. The CAC will be maintained by the contractor and returned to Government upon individual employment termination or end of contract.

Employee must have and maintain a current U.S. Passport.

Synchronized Pre-deployment & Operational Tracker (SPOT). SPOT has been designated as the official Joint Enterprise Contractor Management and Accountability System that will provide a central source of information where contingency contractor information can be accessed along with a summary of contract services being provided by the contractor IAW DoDI 3020.41. Government Representatives are required to maintain a by-name contractor accountability within SPOT. Contractor company administrators are required to register for a SPOT account at  at the time of Contract Award notification and, after access is granted, enter all required information in the format provided at the SPOT website for each deploying contractor. All contractor data must be entered into the SPOT database for all contractors traveling to any AMC CONUS or OCONUS locations.

Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP). Contractor personnel must submit a completed ISOPREP form (DD Form 1833 or equivalent) to the USASATMO S2 prior to each individual employee’s deployment.

 AAP/EEO Statement

Metrea Aviation Services, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.


Reasonable Accommodations Statement
To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty listed below satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Other Duties
Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.

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