Associate Dean for Aviation Programs/Director of Flight Operations Job Description:Reports to the Dean, College of Aeronautics and Executive Director Flight Operations• Provides overall management for chief flight instructor, assistant chief flight instructors, instructors, mechanics, ground personn

Associate Dean for Aviation Programs/Director of Flight Operations

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Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Associate Dean for Aviation Programs/Director of Flight Operations
Job Description:
Reports to the Dean, College of Aeronautics and Executive Director
Flight Operations
• Provides overall management for chief flight instructor, assistant chief flight instructors, instructors, mechanics, ground personnel, and 400-600 academic flight students and initio flight cadets.
• Serves as the EASA Accountable Manager, FAA Manager of Record for the flight school and maintenance and Owner of the Safety Management System.
• Directs Flight Course Development, fleet maintenance programs, and FBO Business Operations
• Supervises the safety, flights standards and quality assurance programs
• Develops and maintains internal process, policies and controls
• Maintains FAA, EASA and other Authority ATO Certifications
• Monitors and maintains regulatory compliance with FAA, TSA, EASA and Airport Authority regulations
• Maintains FBO status in accordance with MLB minimum standards
• Maintains LOAs, MOUs, and other agreements with Air Traffic Control, FSDO, MLB Airport
• Responsible for overall training quality and providing excellent student service
• Supervises and ensure proper conduct and enforcement of effective training and safety standards, regulations, and procedures as established.
o Accountable manager to maintaining and ensuring compliance with current university, EASA, and FAA policies and procedures.
o Assist, counsel, and resolve problems and, as needed, make recommendations for disciplinary action of all students, instructors, and staff designated to your supervision.
• Attends weekly Flight Training meeting with Chief Flight Instructor, EASA Training Manager (EASA Chief Pilot), and COA Dean or representative; meetings with international sponsors; and other weekly staff meetings
• Supervises, reviews and adjusts as needed the daily instructor schedule
o Ensures maximum utilization of instructor, aircraft, and flight training device resources
o Supervises and ensures assigned students are scheduled to meet their required activities
• Meets with students and families regarding training progress as needed
• Participates in new hire instructor hiring process with the chief flight instructor
• Supervises the safety manager and ensures a safe training environment to avoid accidents, federal violations, and local conflicts
• Supervises the maintenance line and ensure safe, efficient, and timely work
• Supervises the ground operations and ensure a safe, efficient, and customer-oriented environment
• Prepares and submits annual budget and ensure monthly supervision on the budget
• Coordinates with the university risk management office in order to maintain the best insurance package for the flight line operations.
• Audits all the performance reviews of the flight line
• Other tasks as assigned by the Dean, College of Aeronautics
Flight Training Marketing & Sales Operations
• Prepares a 12 to 36-month proposal on flight training target markets and market penetration
• Creates a cost effective, quick turn around, and high revenue marketing plan
• Maintains maximum service and minimum conflict for the academic flight students under the College of Aeronautics.
• Maintains a profitable operation.
Maintenance Operations
• Develops fleet maintenance strategy
• Oversees fleet management
• Designs and implements continued airworthiness programs
• Maintains Limited Repair Station Certification
• Directs maintenance safety, training and quality assurance programs
• Manages retail maintenance business
EASA Accountable Manager (AM) Responsibilities and Duties:
In accordance with the ORA.GEN.210 (a), the appointed AM has the authority and responsibility for ensuring that all ATO activities can be financed and carried out in accordance with the applicable requirements.
Job Requirements:
Minimum of 10 years’ experience in a leadership aviation-related role; and Minimum of 5 year experience as an Aviation Educator; Education: Tertiary-level academic education (Master’s Degree or higher) in a related field preferred;

Qualifications: Commercial Pilot License issued in accordance with Part-FCL, or; ICAO Commercial Pilot License and a familiarization with Part-ORA.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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