Job description is written for Captain, Bonus possible and preference granted to those with ATP, type ratings, and operational experience.  Successful applicants will have a positive, motivated attitude and help to maintain a positive work experience for themselves and others. See location of positi

Lear 45 Captain ONLY

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Sarasota, Florida, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Job description is written for Captain, Bonus possible and preference granted to those with ATP, type ratings, and operational experience.  Successful applicants will have a positive, motivated attitude and help to maintain a positive work experience for themselves and others.
See location of position and requirements for distance and time to domicile.
The Pilot-in-Command has command of, and the responsibility for, the flight crew, passengers, cargo, the SAFE conduct of the flight, and provides guidance and coordinates the activities of every individual connected with all phases of the aircraft
The Pilot-in-Command will adhere to proper Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) techniques and will consider input from all crewmembers prior to rendering a decision.
Once rendered, the decision is to be regarded as final. No one, regardless of position, shall exert direct or indirect pressure to change the Captain’s decision involving the SAFETY or the conduct of the flight.
The Pilot-in-Command reports to the Base Chief Pilot and/or System Chief Pilot and indirectly to the Director of Operations.
Accountabilities and Duties
Retains the final authority for the safe operation of the aircraft (14 CFR Part 91.3).
Directs the activities of the Second-in-Command, and Cabin Flight Attendant (if assigned), ensuring that flight crewmembers understand fully and completely what duties they are expected to perform. Retains Operational Control for the aircraft assigned and the mission released for.
Ensures the assigned aircraft is airworthy and all proper documents are on board the aircraft. Makes decisions as necessary to the start, delay or cancellation of the flight, or deviation from a planned destination when operating conditions dictate.
Ensures the proper amount and grade of fuel is loaded on the aircraft. Obtains briefing on the purpose of the flight, weather, operating procedures and any special instructions, and plans flight assignments.
Prepares or supervises preparation of flight plan, in consort with Company Dispatch Team and Company provided software, considering such factors as altitude, terrain, weather, range, weight, cruise control data, airport facilities and navigational aids.
Ensures that weather and aircraft performance conditions can be met appropriate to the CFR under which the flight is being conducted. Ensures a flight plan or other authorized flight locating procedures is followed on each flight.
Ensures the aircraft weight and balance form/manifest is properly completed, signed, archived, and distributed Reports all known or suspected FAA violations or incidents promptly to the Chief Pilot, and files an appropriate ASAP Hazard Safety Report via Company Portals Maintains a current medical certificate as required by Crew Aviation, and notifies the Chief Pilot if a medical (physical or mental) condition may impair their ability to perform the flight.
Ensures the VOR checks and other aircraft equipment checks are performed and recorded properly.Ensures crewmembers brief all passengers with the appropriate brief for each phase of flight.Ensures emergency equipment such as life rafts, life vests, etc. as well as provisions for passenger comfort are aboard, and ensures all cargo is properly secured.
Ensures the preparation of flight logs, reporting of mechanical irregularities, and recording of maintenance, by maintenance personnel when maintenance is performed enroute. Ensures all maintenance status issues are passed to the maintenance personnel and that Maintenance Control/Dispatch Team is alerted to the current status of the aircraft. Determines the applicability of the regulations to each flight.
Ensures that a copy of the Flight Operations Manual is aboard the aircraft. Determines that the flight crew are adequately rested and in proper uniform and meets Company grooming standards and expectations.
Ensures, in conjunction with the Flight Attendant, where applicable, the aircraft is clean and prepared for flight with all aircraft stores and appropriate catering provisions on board for the safety and comfort of passengers and crew.Operates aircraft at favorable altitudes taking into account turbulence, oxygen requirements and comfort of passengers during flight.Must be thoroughly knowledgeable of the Flight Operations Manual, Federal Aviation Administration Regulations, Operations Specifications, Flight Manuals, and other instructions pertinent to assigned duties.Maintains radio or telephonic contact with the flight department management, often enough during the course of a flight to ensure that operational messages are promptly conveyed between the flight crew and the base.
The Pilot-in-Command may delegate any of all of these functions to subordinates, but may not delegate the responsibility for those functions.  This action may be taken to facilitate the knowledge of the SIC, or other crewmembers, but not in anyway relieve the PIC for the safe operation of the mission.
The Pilot-in-Command may be required, from time to time, to provide those duties assigned to Flight Line Service Personnel.  This responsibility may be delegated and must compliment the safety of the overall operation, not interfere with it. Both Pilot and Second in Command personnel will be fully trained in Flight Line Service duties.
The Pilot-in-Command will actively participate in the Company Safety Management System (SMS).  
Job Requirements:
Minimum 3 years of successful, documented experience as a Pilot with high profile travelers in corporate aviation with international travel experience, or documented equivalent experience as determined by interview and testing of applicant. Professional demeanor with extremely high personal standards.
Must be able to meet the Aviation uniform standards of dress and appearance which is extremely conservative.  As per Company policy, this includes a natural hair color, no visible tattoos, piercings, etc., and requires a uniform to conform to company standards per the Crew Aviation, LLC Administrative Handbook guidelines. Adhering to company and industry appearance standards at all times while representing the corporation in any setting, which might be representation of the Company.
Must be proficient speaking, reading and writing English. Adaptable, must have the ability to think on your feet and work well under pressure.
Be physically able to walk long distances, carry up to 55 lbs, and lift up to 80 pounds over the shoulders into a baggage bay.
Must be able to travel with a 24 hour notice.
Must have the ability to develop a seamless rapport with the other pilots and other members of the department’s team. Excellent Command Presence in the cabin with clients, travelers and guests. Very effective communication and interpersonal skills with a Team Orientation. Valid US Passport(s) with no foreign jurisdiction entry/exit restrictions as well as appropriate visas and foreign work permits.
Capable of passing all required TSA and FAA background checks, including initial and random drug and alcohol screenings.
Capable to qualify and conduct services required to be in compliance with the Crew Aviation, LLC Flight Operations required TSA Security Program.  
Pass Secret Service and Transportation Security Administration screening for access to restricted airspace and airports.
Meet Crew Aviation, LLC Flight Operations standards for safety and security of passengers both in the air and on the ground.
This includes the ability to transport passengers in company vehicles while on the ground.
Applicants must have a driving record, free of violation, or infraction, for a minimum of 5 years or as required and be of minimum age to rent a car from approved car rental agencies used by Crew Aviation, LLC.
ATP Pilot Certificate
Education: Minimum of 60 College credits required or 2 years military experience or technical/trade school certification. Any military consideration must include a discharge under favorable circumstances. Four year college degree or higher is preferred.
Preferred Applicants will possess or be able to complete satisfactorily:
Aircare FACTS Training Certification OR  Flight Safety Certification CPR Certification Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Certification First Aid Certification
Formal Etiquette and Protocol training
Proficiency with computer skills, including Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint Proficiency in the use of a personal communications device, i.e., cell phone with email capability, etc.
Salary Range: 110,000.00-120,000.00
Relocation: possible for successful applicants
Travel: 100 percent during work periods
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