Metro Aviation, Inc. is seeking a Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot (IFR/PIC) (EC145) in  Mount Olive, North Carolina for the ECU Health program.  Click Here To Learn More About Our North Carolina Locations!   *$2,000 Sign-On Bonus* *$5,000 Retention Bonus* *$10,000 Hardship Stipend* *Pilot Housi

Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot - IFR/PIC - EC145

Metro Aviation, Inc. • 
Mount Olive, North Carolina, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Metro Aviation, Inc. is seeking a Helicopter Air Ambulance Pilot (IFR/PIC) (EC145) in  Mount Olive, North Carolina for the ECU Health program.  Click Here To Learn More About Our North Carolina Locations!  

*$2,000 Sign-On Bonus*
*$5,000 Retention Bonus*
*$10,000 Hardship Stipend*
*Pilot Housing*
 *Subject to offer letter terms and policy* 

Our mission is to provide the safest and highest quality traditional aircraft operations, completions, and maintenance so that we will:

  • Allow our customers to safely and effectively accomplish their mission profile,
  • Allow our employees to exercise their talents and maximize their potential, and
  • Ensure the financial stability of the corporation.

Our goal is to find qualified candidates who value our mission and contribute to our overall safety culture.We invest in the well-being of our employees. The following FREE benefits are offered to all full-time employees: Family Health and Prescription Insurance, Family Dental Insurance, Family Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, Short-term Disability, and an Employee Assistance Program.


Job Objective 


The Pilot-in-Command (PIC) is responsible for all phases and aspects of the duties and responsibilities assigned to this position. The pilot will uphold the highest standards of flight safety while conducting their duties and represent the Company in the communities we serve in a professional manner at all times. The pilot will maintain a direct, honest, and courteous line of communication with their immediate supervisor, the Company, and the clients we serve. They will recognize the importance of exceptional and professional interpersonal relationships with co-workers and our clients to ensure the Company’s longevity in this industry.  


Essential Functions

  • Directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to the operation of the assigned aircraft at all times
  • Perform duties in a professional and courteous manner to include interaction with customers, co-workers, Metro Aviation management, and the general public
  • Maintain a work and training schedule as set forth by Metro Aviation, Inc. and also be prepared to occasionally serve extra duty shifts, when called upon, due to the absence of other pilots during vacations, sick or military leave, or when short-staffed at a base
  • Attend Metro Aviation, Inc. or customer meetings as required
  • Comply with all directives and guidance of the Metro Aviation, Inc. General Operations Manual, Operations Specifications, Policy & Procedures, Company Bulletins, Federal Aviation Regulations and any other guidance/directives/regulations as applicable
  • Perform the duties and responsibilities specific to Operational Control, as listed in the Metro Aviation, Inc. General Operations Manual
  • Perform proper pre-flight inspection, servicing (fuel, oxygen, etc.) and confirm aircraft airworthiness
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the assigned aircraft.


Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities (KSA)

  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Possess sound judgment and objectivity in decision-making
  • Ability to create an environment that demonstrates teamwork and professionalism with diverse personalities and professional backgrounds
  • Ability to maintain cooperative and harmonious relationships with internal and external customers 
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and strong initiative
  • Proficient in directing and guiding 

Required Certificates

  • FAA Commercial Pilot Rotorcraft Certificate and Instrument Helicopter Rating (Airline Transport Pilot Rotorcraft Preferred)
  • FAA 2nd Class Medical (1st Class required at some locations
  • Valid Drivers License

Minimum Required Experience

  • Total Flight Time 2,000 hours
  • Total Pilot-In-Command Helicopter Time 1,000 hours
  • Turbine Helicopter Time 500 hours
  • Cross Country Flight Time 500 hours
  • Night Flight Time 100 hours, including 50 hours of night unaided
  • Instrument Flight Time 75 hours (50 in flight)

Preferred Experience

  • Air Medical operations
  • Single Pilot IFR operations
  • Night Vision Goggle operations

Physical Demands

  • Prolonged periods of standing, sitting, and walking 
  • Ability to conduct activities requiring a moderate to rigorous amount of static pushing, pulling, reaching, and lifting 
  • Capable of lifting 40 pounds floor to bench height
  • Ability to hear and respond to routine aircraft noises 
  • Maintain a "duty" weight (body weight + uniform/equipment helmet not included) if applicable per program
  • Ability to wear a commercially available respirator mask with proper fit when requested 
  • Require close and distant visual capability 
  • Periodic hands to key ability (typing)

Work Environment

  • Temperature controlled office/rest quarters
  • Exposure to outdoor aircraft facility with potential cold and hot temperatures
  • Exposure to running aircraft
  • Exposure to refueling systems 

Status & Work Schedule

  • Full Time
  • 7 on / 7 off schedule
  • 12-hour shifts
  • Workover is available depending on the needs of the program
  • Travel to required annual training 


 *Metro Aviation, Inc. does not have a Visa Sponsorship program at this time*

Metro Aviation, Inc. is committed to employees, customers, and the community to promote diversity and inclusion by developing policies, programs, and procedures that foster a work environment where differences are respected and employees are treated fairly.

Metro Aviation, Inc. prohibits discrimination or harassment of any kind and ensures equal employment opportunity (EEO) to all aspects of the relationship between Metro Aviation, Inc. and its employees, including recruitment, employment, promotion, transfer, training, working conditions, wages and salary administration, employee benefits, and application of policies. 

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