Priority 1 Air Rescue Operations Arizona LP

1924 N Higley Rd.
Priority 1 Air Rescue
Mesa, Arizona 85205

About the Company

Priority 1 Air Rescue operates two world-class Search and Rescue – Tactical Training Academies (SART/TAC) located in Mesa Arizona, and Bordeaux France, that are specifically suited to provide a full spectrum of Basic to Advanced Operational Helicopter Mission Training Solutions for commercial, government, and military customers. Aircrew mission training is significantly enhanced and improved by employing ‘blended’ programs utilizing synthetic aircrew training and the use of virtual simulation with P1AR’s Advanced Aircrew Mission Simulator (AAMS). P1AR employs a full spectrum of course and range of training methods including academic ground school, hands on equipment practice, virtual SAR/Hoist/Aerial Gunnery synthetic training, hoist procedural tower practice which can be completed at SART/TAC prior to integrating live flight practice at the customers location continues to be the fastest-growing aviation and aerospace job website with resume database access and has exclusively served the aviation industry for over 20 years. It is a free service for job seekers and an out-of-this-world place for aviation companies to post jobs and search resumes.

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