UAM Division of Hyundai Motor Group

6800 Geddes Road
Superior Township, Michigan 48198

Hyundai Motor Group has outlined its commitment to provide customers with freely moving seamless mobility that connects the sky and the ground. And UAM is the core technology that would enable aviation without constraints on geography and time to become a much more accessible means of public transportation.

Hyundai Motor Group established a UAM-exclusive department in 2019 to realize the ‘Democratization of Flight’, expecting to commercialize by 2028. And to this end, the Group is focusing on creating an agile product roadmap and securing core technologies such as aircraft design, flight control software, and safety technology. In addition, we plan to maximize synergy by actively utilizing automotive technologies such as batteries, motors, lightweight materials, and autonomous driving.

Current Job Openings at UAM Division of Hyundai Motor Group:

Job - UAV/UAS - Director of Legislative Affairs
Washington, DC USA
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