PAE is seeking an experienced technical inspector to inspect Army aviation componentsArmy Background PreferredThis is a direct hire, not a contract position which includes full benefits$30.39/hr  $1,500 Sign-On Bonus  $1,500 completion Bonus (contingent on 12 consecutive months of employment)  Occup
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3K Bonus: Technical Inspector: Sierra Army Depot, CA

PAE • 
Herlong, California, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
PAE is seeking an experienced technical inspector to inspect Army aviation components
Army Background Preferred
This is a direct hire, not a contract position which includes full benefits
$1,500 Sign-On Bonus  
$1,500 completion Bonus (contingent on 12 consecutive months of employment)
Occupational Summary-Technical Inspector Implements quality control programs to ensure compliance with contract specifications, for example Modification Work Orders (MWO), Technical Bulletins (TB’s), Retrofit Service Notice (RSN), Statement of Work (SOW), and/or Depot Level Repairs.
  • Inspects and verifies proper completion, established standards, and documentation IAW U.S. Army procedures.
  • Performs audits and inspections of work centers and ongoing maintenance actions, procedures, and equipment and facilities.
  • Reviews maintenance source documents (MWO's/TB’s/RSN’s/SOW's/Depot Maintenance Work Requirements DMWR), aircraft inspection records, notes recurring discrepancies or trends.
  • Monitors the material deficiency and technical order improvement programs (AMAM’S/ASAM's/ SOF's/DD Form 2028's).
  • Reviews engineering investigation request.
  • Initiates, reviews and submits quality deficiency reports, technical deficiency reports, and hazardous material reports, ensuring that they are accurate, clear, concise, and comprehensive.
  • Assists in putting together estimate/proposals for Special projects, i.e. SRA Program.  
  • Reviews Workbook package prior to submitting them for signature by QAR’s.
  • Maintains record files on all completed Maintenance Final packages for the entire Site and Road Teams.
  • Prepares/Publishes Workbooks for MWO, TB, RSN, SOW and SRA applications.  
  • Submits the DD Form 2026 for AOAP Program. (When Required). 
  • Maintains aircraft weight and balance records, utilizing AWBS.
  • Be familiar with aircraft Automated Log Book program "ULLS-A".
  • Maintains aircraft Logbook, Historical Record, and Weight and Balance record per aircraft.
  • Submits the DA Form 2410.
  • Submits Reports of QDR’s and Controlled Exchange on a scheduled basis.
  • Reviews received ECOD’s for accuracy prior to submitting for Maintenance Engineering Call ( MEC).
Job Requirements:
Minimum Education:
  • H.S. Diploma or equivalent.
  • Must have completed the Army Technical Inspector Course or graduated Army BNCOC or possess FAA IA certifications.  
  • Aircraft inspectors WILL hold a valid (current) FAA Inspection Authorization (IA) or minimum three years’ experience as an aviation inspector and a minimum of one year experience on the Mission Design Series (MDS) airframe they will be inspecting.
  • Must be familiar with and able to use Microsoft Programs to facilitate reports.
  • Must be competent with the Unit Level Logistics System Aviation (ULLS-A/E), Aviation Maintenance Data System (AMDS) and be familiar with Automated Weight and Balance Systems (AWBS), 2410 procedures, Quality Deficiency Reports, Estimated Cost of Damage reports (ECOD), Estimated Cost of Repair reports (ECOR), Maintenance Engineering Calls (MEC) and performing in depth inspections for investigations.
  • Must possess a thorough knowledge of aircraft systems and subsystems and have the ability to apply this knowledge effectively when interacting with aircraft Technicians and Senior Supervisors alike.  
  • Must possess positive people skills in dealing with peers and the customer.
  • Must be of high moral character.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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