The NLL Aircraft Mechanic performs organizational and intermediate level maintenance on C-26 aircraft.  Is responsible for servicing, troubleshooting, repairing and modifying aircraft systems to ensure continued airworthiness.  These tasks are performed on avionics and electrical systems, environmen
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A&P Aircraft Mechanic - Structures, Fairchild C26 Metroliner

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Naples Italy, International, International
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
The NLL Aircraft Mechanic performs organizational and intermediate level maintenance on C-26 aircraft.  Is responsible for servicing, troubleshooting, repairing and modifying aircraft systems to ensure continued airworthiness.  These tasks are performed on avionics and electrical systems, environmental systems, engines, flight controls and airframe components.  Repairs are performed using hand tools, power tools, machines, and equipment such as shears, sheet metal brake, welding equipment, rivet gun, and drills.  Reads and interprets manufacturers’ and airline’s maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and other specifications to determine feasibility and method of repairing or replacing malfunctioning or damaged components.  Performs servicing, troubleshooting and repairs on aviation ground support equipment.
Essential Duties:
The following tasks are examples of the effort required to perform the duties outlined in the purpose of the position.  The list is not all-inclusive.
Aircraft Mechanic - Major work tasks/responsibilities, specialized in structures
·  The Contractor shall perform sheet metal services to include initial corrosion inspections and repairs on C26 aircraft structures and aircraft components.  
Typical activities include:
-     Plan and layout the work sequence using complex engineering data, blueprints, work orders, and specifications.
-     Evaluate structural damage to aircraft sheet metal structures, tubing, or other items and make modifications.
-     Be knowledgeable of a variety of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum alloys, magnesium, and copper sheet
-     Be skilled in using complicated shop tools and equipment such as hand or powered crimping, burring, and instruments such as protractors, calipers, height, depth and dial gauges.
-     Use and maintain tools; return hand and power tools to the designated compartments, racks, bins, carts, lockers, etc.  
-     Use basic hand and power tools such as hammers, chisels, hand snips, band and circle saws, manual lathe, squaring shears, brakes, and adapt them for special use on the specific project. Operate complex hand and power machines such as slip roll forming machines, box and pan brakes, rotary machines with extra forming rolls, crimpers and beading machines. Contractor shall have a general knowledge and skill in the operation of drills, rivet C-squeeze, rivet guns, rotary files, and flaperpeen.
-     The Contractor shall have knowledge of various types of rivets and fastening devices used on aircraft components.
-     The Contractor shall have the ability to examine aircraft tubing and sheet metal structures to locate cracks, holes, dents, loose or missing fasteners, and determine the extent of repairs needed to restore original strength to components such as frames, stringers, bulkheads, spars, ribs, and stiffeners.
-     Be knowledgeable of specific types of corrosion, primers, paints, and sealers in order to treat the corrosive areas on aircraft surfaces.
-     Use government provided drawing, sample, or direction to layout, cut, and fabricate using proper material.  Contractor shall use applicable government provided technical data and directives.
-     Disassemble, clean, inspect, repair, modify corrosion material and assemble from major and minor aircraft structures and components, and properly label and store components and parts.
-     Determine materials, tools and equipment needed for each project to measure and plan according to the WCD.  Contractor shall determine dimensions, angles, contours, and types of attaching hardware, and make general repairs by manufacturing and installing to include:  new parts, reinforcing parts, patching or replacing.  Contractor shall repair components to original strength.
-     Conduct an evaluation inspection on aircraft and annotate discrepancies in a government required format; identify and remove corrosion, evaluating holes for dimensional check.  Document all discrepancies found during evaluation on a work control document.  Submit an AFMC Form 202 if discrepancies are found to be out of technical order specification.
-     Perform repairs IAW WCDs and other applicable government associated documents, such as a Maintenance Work Request (MWR) or SQAR.  Accurately complete required documentation on applicable work documents.
•  Must be able to successfully pass a security background check.
•  Comply with written company maintenance and logistics procedures.
•  Comply with FAA regulations as applicable.
•  Know, understand and comply with the requirements outlined in the Life Cycle Contractor Support (LCCS) statement of work.
•  Comply with aircraft records procedures and outlined in DA Pam 738-751.
•  Ensure aircraft discrepancies are properly recorded and corrected in accordance with approved maintenance procedures and within the terms of the contract.
•  Know and understand the functions and requirements of the Cescom computerized maintenance software.
•  Maintain a clean and organized place.
•  Perform aircraft recovery missions as necessary.
•  Deploy to overseas locations with unit aircraft to support operational requirements.
•  Perform other duties assigned by PT Management.
Job Requirements:
•  Minimum of five years’ flight line experience with specific experience on C-26 aircraft preferred.
•  Must have a broad knowledge of aircraft sheet metal/structural modifications and repair 
•  High school diploma or equivalent.
•  Possess a valid FAA Aircraft & Power plant (A&P) license for a minimum of two years and shows compliance with FAR 65.83, recent experience requirements. 
•  Be physically able to relocate to Naples Italy.
•  Must be able to pass a background check. 
 Working Conditions:
·  Work is usually conducted in an office, warehouse and aircraft hangar atmosphere.
·  Exposed to typical aircraft maintenance conditions such as engine noise, riveting, dust and chemical fumes, none of which to the extent of being intolerable. Hearing, vision and breathing protection provided in appropriate areas.
·  Some exposure to elements of weather when traveling and/or commuting between buildings.
·  May require extensive travel.
·  Overtime may be required on occasion.

Physical and Mental Conditions:
·  Normal physical exertion required for periods of working on foot or standing.
·  Requires lifting of items weighing up to 50 pounds.
·  Requires kneeling on occasion in performance of duties.
·  Requires ability to twist, bend, squat, climb and/or other body movements to successfully accomplish the requirements of the position.
·  Requires the use of either or both hands for grasping items.
·  Manual dexterity and the ability to push/pull, i.e.: open/close file cabinets and/or handle machinery is required.
·  Requires the ability to reach above shoulder height in accomplishing job tasks.
·  Requires the ability to walk on uneven surfaces.
·  Sufficient vision required to successfully accomplish the requirements of the position.
·  Requires sustained periods of concentration.
Equal Opportunity Employer/Veterans/Disabled
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: yes
Job Ident #: 2

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