Type of aircraft: CorporateLongevity: 1 YearSummary pecial Skills, Licenses or Job Requirements:Demonstrate competency in applying the following in performing normal job duties.• Reading and interpreting work instructions, properly documenting work performed on such documents as process planning, ad
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Composite Bonder Tulsa, OK -Corp-

Strom Aviation • 
tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Position Type: Contractor
Job Description:
Type of aircraft: Corporate
Longevity: 1 Year

  •  pecial Skills, Licenses or Job Requirements:
  • Demonstrate competency in applying the following in performing normal job duties.
  • • Reading and interpreting work instructions, properly documenting work performed on such documents as process planning, adhesive log sheets, Material Review Board documents, Engineering Work Orders, Change Notices, Engineering Process Specifications, technical manuals and like documentation.
  • • Use close tolerance measuring tools i.e. scales, micrometers, calipers, depth gages and like tools.
  • Performs bonding of metallic and nonmetallic materials to fabricate parts, components and assemblies for aircraft applications using products and processes that are varied and moderately complex to complex in scope. The level of work requires experience and sound judgment.

  • Read and interpret blueprints, drawings, manuals, specifications sketches, job orders, planning documents and engineering drawings. Determine equipment requirements and the method and sequences of operation to be followed in fabrication of parts using materials such as graphite, fiberglass, plastic, boron, flock, mat, epoxy resins, rubber and like materials.

  • Plans, lays out, fabricates and builds adhesive bonded assemblies of metallic and nonmetallic composite materials. Fabricate composite and metal parts into subassemblies for the purpose of prefitting in preparation for bonding/curing in presses, ovens, and autoclaves.
  • Lays out, prefits, assembles and performs lay-up on a variety of metal to metal and composite bonded assemblies.
  • Fits core in panels where close tolerances are required for installation of details for completion of assembly.
  • Performs vacuum bagging for Autoclave cures up to 100 psi.
  • Lays out and marks dimensions and reference lines on material to develop and trace patterns of product or parts, or uses templates.
  • Selects tooling and materials compatible with the processing techniques identified in the work instructions.
  • Performs rework or repair on any metallic or nonmetallic part presented for rework or repair.
Job Requirements:
Tools required: YES
Years’ experience: 2+
License requirements: NA
Specific aircraft experience required:
Not specified
  • Must have 5+ years composite experience 

Virtek experienced is preferred.  Experienced in graphite layup, core placement, and bagging complex shapes.  Must be familiar with common layup requirements such as ply orientation, core direction, and clean room procedures.    

Key words: Corrosion control, bonder
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
Relocation: Call for details
Travel: Call for details
Job Ident #: 2130029412
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