SevenBar Aviation is seeking a well-qualified individual to join our team as a Rotor Wing Check Airman.  This individual will be responsible for conducting training and checking activities for all SevenBar bases.  Reporting to, and working in sync with, the Rotor Wing Chief Pilot, this pos
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Rotor Wing Check Airman

SevenBar Aviation • 
City is negotiable , Texas, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
SevenBar Aviation is seeking a well-qualified individual to join our team as a Rotor Wing Check Airman.  This individual will be responsible for conducting training and checking activities for all SevenBar bases.  Reporting to, and working in sync with, the Rotor Wing Chief Pilot, this position is critical to the success of our company and customers, and is a key leadership role within our flight operations team
The Check Airman role is a full-time salaried aviation position that will require regular regional and occasional national travel as needed for conducting training and evaluations.
The Check airman concentrates his focus on internal Company aviation activities.This person obtains direction from the Chief Pilot.  This is a tactical position which supports all of the company values.
A Check Airman supports these important values by applying the pilot training standards, processes, and procedures contained in the current FAA Approved Pilot Training Manual and General Operations Manual.  The Check airman may conduct ground school activities and flight training activities with line pilots for their Initial, Transition, Recurrent, and Re-qualification training requirements.
A Check Airman may serve as a Line Pilot or an Instructor Pilot.
The Check Airman has a deep knowledge and respect for the duties and responsibilities of the line pilot.
Job Requirements:
  • ·Conducts ground training activities with Company pilots enrolled in Initial, Transition, Recurrent, or Re-qualification training. 
  • ·Meets the Line Pilot job description maintained in the Company HR Policy and Procedures Manual 
  • ·Upholds the Company Values 
  • ·Promotes and supports the company Safety and Just Culture programs 
  • ·Remains abreast of local operational policies and procedures at each base in which his services are required 
  • ·Communicates effectively with the Director of Operations, Chief Pilot, and other managers as appropriate regarding relevant flight operational activities at the bases in which his services are required 
  • ·Conducts pilot proficiency and competency checks in aircraft (and simulators, where applicable) 
  • ·Remains current with industry standards 
  • ·Remains current with all FAA regulatory standards and changes 
  • ·Possesses a strong understanding of the Company pilot training manual, GOM, and required published FAA guidance 
  • ·Possesses a keen ability to uphold sound pilot training and checking standards, fundamentals of instruction, and fatigue risk mitigation strategies 
  • ·Remains current with aircraft operational techniques and procedural changes 
  • ·Responsible for cancelling or suspending any flight operation in the interest of safety until it can be confirmed that the safety hazard has been removed or is no longer a threat to safe operations 
  • ·May also fulfill other roles within the company as directed by the Chief Pilot as necessary such as Line Pilot, Ground Security Coordinator (GSC), Inflight Security Coordinator (ISC), 
 Ground Instructor, Flight Instructor, etc. REQUIRED AIRMAN QUALIFICATIONS: 

  • ·Able to acquire and maintain a TSA or Airport-issued Air Operations Area (AOA) or Security Identification Display Area (SIDA) security badge 
  • ·Remains current and qualified as a pilot in command in any aircraft deemed appropriate by the Chief Pilot 
  • ·Must be able to hold a Letter of Authorization (LOA) as an check airman in at least one aircraft model listed in OpSpec D085 
  • ·500 A109E/SP 
  • ·3000 total 
  • ·100NVG 
  • ·Previous check airman experience 
  • ·ATP 
  • ·SPIFR experience 
  • ·Part 135 experience 
  • ·Must be able to travel on short notice
  • ·Must be able to apply for and hold a Company-sponsored Credit Card
  • ·Holds a current FAA Certified Flight Instructor Certificate – Instrument 
  • ·100 IFR actual 
  • ·EMS experience 
  • ·Strong time management skills required 
  • ·Ability to adapt and acquire new skills rapidly 
  • ·Strong written and oral communication skills required 
  • ·Strong interpersonal skills and able to work effectively with customer representatives and other internal employees both laterally and vertically 
  • ·Exhibits excellent aeronautical skills and displays a strong level of confidence in a group environment 
  • ·Displays strong team building skills in planning and organizing 
  • ·Superior organizational skills 
  • ·Proficient with MS Office applications Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word 
  • ·Working knowledge of MS Office Excel 
  • ·Must be able to effectively use any company sponsored mobile computing device 
  • ·This position reports to the Chief Pilot 
  • ·Check Airmen will not typically have direct reports 
  • ·Must be able to maintain a FAA First Class Medical. 
  •  ·Be able to lift 75 lb. baggage. 
  • ·Have normal range of motion and dexterity. 
  • ·Be able to perform any normal, abnormal or emergency duties. 
  • ·Occasionally exposed to air borne pathogens, toxic or caustic chemicals.
Company offered benefits - Medical, Dental, Vision, Loss of License, Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, Life, Supplemental Life, Gym membership reimbursement, 401(k) and Paid Time Off(PTO).
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Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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