Southeastern Oklahoma State University

425 W. University Blvd.
Durant, Oklahoma 74701

About the Company

Mission Statement
Southeastern Oklahoma State University provides an environment of academic excellence that enables students to reach their highest potential. By having personal access to excellent teaching, challenging academic programs, and extracurricular experiences, students will develop skills and habits that promote values for career preparation, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.

Scope & Function
The major emphasis at Southeastern continues to be a quality undergraduate education. The University offers an array of baccalaureate-level programs that prepare students for a changing society. In addition, selected graduate level programs are provided to serve the needs of the region.

In fulfilling its mission, Southeastern fosters the region’s cultural opportunities, economic growth, environmental quality, scientific and technological progress, as well as social and personal well being.

Consistent with Southeastern’s mission and regional focus the University concentrates on achieving the following objectives:

For students Southeastern will:
Provide an opportunity to succeed through a challenging, learner-centered academic environment.
Offer an undergraduate foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, with an emphasis on integrating critical thinking, communication skills and appropriate technological applications into the curriculum across all disciplines. Provide a general education program that familiarizes students with major areas of scholarship.
Provide professional, academic and career-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs to meet the changing needs of the workforce. Provide an environment for non-academic experiences, which fosters the development of personality, social living and effective citizenship. Present a system of governance that provides reliable information and, as appropriate, involves the students in the decision-making process. Actively recruit traditionally under-represented students and offer scholarship programs to attract students of various socio-economic and academic levels.
For the faculty and staff Southeastern will: Provide opportunities for professional development.
Use assessment to improve student learning and effective teaching.
Adhere to well-defined organizational structures, policies, and procedures.
Adapt to a changing higher education environment.
Administer a system of shared governance that provides dependable information to the institution’s constituencies.
Nurture a campus community responsive to the needs of a diverse population.
For the region Southeastern will:
Provide in-service instruction for educators and other professionals needed to make Southeastern competitive in national and world markets.
Continue its historical preparation of quality educators for Oklahoma.
Provide advanced graduate studies and research in areas of particular strength and need for the region and the state of Oklahoma.
Provide opportunities for global awareness.
Share human, academic, and technological resources with schools, industries, and public agencies through economic development, partnerships, and outreach activities.
Serve as a cultural, artistic, and information center.

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