Reports to: PresidentSalary: Schedule: Qualifications Required: SS14 CFR Part(s) 119.69(d) and 119.71(e)Basic Function: Responsible for Maintenance of Company aircraft; also responsible for Company facilities, equipment and to hold a valid A & P license.Duties and Responsibilities:The Director o
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Director of Maintenance

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Reports to: President



Qualifications Required: SS14 CFR Part(s) 119.69(d) and 119.71(e)

Basic Function: Responsible for Maintenance of Company aircraft; also responsible for Company facilities, equipment and to hold a valid A & P license.

Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. The Director of Maintenance is directly responsible to the President and under his supervision will assume full responsibility for maintaining the Company aircraft in airworthy condition at all times. Will coordinate with other departments with regard to scheduling of Company aircraft for inspections, overhaul, and other work as the aircraft may require. Responsible for all aspects of the Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP) and it’s continued revision and development.
  2. Responsible for timely and daily communication of the status of all aircraft in the shop, the near-term schedule, the daily and weekly billings (parts, labor, warranty and totals), as well as any issues impacting the status of the customers aircraft.
  3. The monitoring of the daily maintenance actions and activity.
  4. The Director of Maintenance will maximize all billable hours in the shop without sacrificing the smallest level of quality workmanship.
  5. The Director of Maintenance will lead by example and inject a positive, can-do attitude in the shop.
  6. Ensures that all buildings such as shops, hangars and adjacent ramp areas, as well as all equipment under his/her jurisdiction, are clean and in workable condition and all equipment is in proper calibration and working order.
  7. Ensures that all instructions pertinent to safety are properly observed and that all maintenance personnel under his/her jurisdiction comply with and understand existing safety regulations. This includes control of chemical substances used in the facility.
  8. Determines the qualifications and promotes supervisory personnel in the Maintenance Department.
  9. Recommend essential manpower through effective hiring, training, scheduling and pay practices.
  10. Attend industry meets as appropriate.
  11. Established standard operational procedures for line maintenance accomplished away from the maintenance base.
  12. No person shall serve as Director of Maintenance unless that person meets the requirements of SS 14 CFR 119.69(a) (3) and (d) and 119.71(e). In addition, that personal shall know the Company Maintenance Manual, Operation Specifications, and the applicable Maintenance Provisions of SS 14 CFR 135.
  13. Ensure the maintenance location is kept clean.
  14. Maintains constant awareness of aircraft fleet mechanical condition by reviewing all aircraft discrepancy reports and completed maintenance reports.
  15. Plans, organizes and controls all maintenance work to assure Airworthiness Standards prescribed by Federal Aviation Administration Regulation, manufacturers’ recommendations and good aviation industry practices.
  16. Develops in coordination with Director of Operations a long-range plan for accomplishment of scheduled maintenance, aircraft modifications and major repairs.
  17. Develops and administers a system to track maintenance department performance against commitments.
  18. Advise the Director of Operations of maintenance department capabilities, deficiencies and performance.
  19. Participates in CASS meetings.
  20. Determine priority of Actions necessary to assure the timely dispatch of airworthy aircraft.
  21. Authorize the use of contract maintenance resources to return aircraft to service. Authorizes MEL “Requirements for Flight”, or coordinates inspections i.a.w. ferry Flight requirements.
  22. Director of Maintenance will be responsible for all revisions to GMM manual.
  23. Authorize Deferred Maintenance items, tracking of all MEL items, interfacing with Dispatch and Maintenance activities for timely clearing of deferred discrepancies. Advises the Scheduler of Maintenance activities.
  24. PROMPTLY notifying the Director of Operations of any unusual or controversial situation, which is outside the routine handling of most maintenance.
  25. Provide or coordinate the appropriate technical guidance to contract maintenance activities; i.e., Maintenance Manual, wiring schematics, and FAR references.
  26. Coordinate with Flight Scheduler for the flow of aircraft scheduled to maintenance.
  27. Coordinate with Maintenance and Inspection to ensure adequate manpower, parts and test equipment are available for scheduled maintenance and inspections.
  28. Extract and utilize projections of upcoming maintenance in order to plan and schedule all maintenance and inspections in a timely manner.
  29. Advise the Director of Operations as to scheduling conflicts or parts shortages that may require escalations to be requested.
  30. Certify individuals for run-ups start and taxi authorization.
  31. Insure that mechanics are trained on proper procedures for operating special test equipment.
  32. Using established training guides and/or curriculum provide technical or orientation training for selected A & P Mechanics.
  33. Assist in qualifying selected A & P Mechanics are RII Inspectors for aircraft and engines.
  34. While the Director of maintenance may delegate his duties to a qualified personal he may not delegate his responsibility.
  35. The Director of Maintenance will ensure that our relationships with our clients and vendors are kept at the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.
Job Requirements:
This position requires an upbeat, energetic personality with a talent for motivating employees, instilling confidence in the company’s ability to meet the customers’ expectations and clear understanding of the customer, suppliers and their affiliates. The Director of Maintenance must feel comfortable with PC’s (MS Word & Excel, EBIS, CAMP and Airplane Manager) and interacting with customers and vendors via phone, email, text, online forums and in person. The successful Director of Maintenance will ensure bottom line profitability and at all costs, and delivery a quality product on time. The Director of Maintenance will lead the back office functions for billing, AP/AR, parts delivery and warranty claims. The successful Director of Maintenance must possess the ability to develop and secure excellent relationships with Bombardier, Gulfstream, Beechjet, Falcon aircraft, vendors and the aircraft customers.
Salary Range: Neg-Neg
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